Throughout my career I have undertaken a rather unconventional journey. The pursuit of sporting goals resulted in my early departure from High School and subsequent correspondence University study. I then started my own Web Design business to support my studies and sporting goals. These factors required me to develop a strong sense of commitment and determination that I believe to be of value in all aspects of my life and work.

Currently I am working at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as a Digital Marketing Coordinator.

My last job was at Downstream Marketing (now Adobe Digital), a digital performance marketing agency in Sydney’s CBD. My primary role as an Account Executive involved setting up and managing pay-per-click (PPC) search engine marketing (SEM), performance display and social media campaigns and consulting on web design for conversion driven landing pages. As part of this process I regularly hosted client meetings and performance reviews as well as setting up an array of reporting, analysis and optimisation systems and processes. Clients during my time at Downstream included: American Express, GetPrice, JumpOnIt, National Australia Bank (Share Trading), Budget, AAMI, JustCar, InsureMyRide, Shannons, eHarmony, Freelancer.com, iiNet, Insuranceline, Informa, Live In Australia, Jetabroad and Bingle.

Most of my work has required me to be a “jack of all trades,” balancing various technical skills and cross-pollinating skills across traditionally separate occupations. For example, at [email protected] Limited, I was simultaneously developing an ecommerce strategy whilst web programming, researching, designing collateral, writing copy specifically for web and print, investigating potential revenue streams and conducting training.

I have traveled Australia and across the globe for my studies, sporting, life and work ambitions. Recently I moved back to Sydney (Australia) from Vancouver (Canada) where I was marketing and co-facilitating one of the most prominent series of professional development workshops for the publishing industry. In addition to my marketing role at the SFU Summer Publishing Workshops I was involved in administrative functions that included book keeping, liaising travel arrangements, reporting, research and data collection and reporting as well as general administration, assistance and event management.

During my time as a professional and during my studies I have developed skills in marketing (online and offline), public relations, event management, social networking, communications, graphic arts, and desktop publishing. I hand code my websites and am proficient with all versions of Adobe Creative Suite. In my time working in marketing and in my studies I have been able to demonstrate a superior ability in writing high-quality copy.

As part of my work I have had to develop my negotiation skills, although I am ever mindful of the need for an equitable contract with a win-win outcome for all parties. I have had close dealings with the press and also have had articles published on multiple occasions. Personally, I take pride in my critical thinking, problem solving and ability to work independently.

I have the ability to work in a self-supervisory, multi-task environment within a clear timeline. Most of my career has been in an office or consulting environment that has fostered experience with administration, databases and communications. I have also organised many social events for school, university, sporting clubs and non-profits. Whilst working at universities I have also provided technical support, answered customers queries and processed customer feedback.


2011-Current: Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Role: Digital Marketing Coordinator
Duties: Building, optimising, analysing and reporting on pay-per-click (PPC) search engine marketing (SEM), performance display and social media campaigns; consulting on social media management, web design for conversion driven landing pages and email marketing; developing best practices and case studies for use across the organisation.
2009-2011: Downstream Marketing
Role: Account Executive
Duties: Building, optimising, analysing and reporting on pay-per-click (PPC) search engine marketing (SEM), performance display and social media campaigns and consulting on web design for conversion driven landing pages.
2009: Summer Publishing Workshops, Simon Fraser University
Role: Marketing, Research and Office Assistant
Duties: The Acting Director and I were together responsible for organising, marketing and facilitating over 40 professional workshops with faculty and participants from all across North America.
2009: W2 Community Media Arts Centre
Role: Market Research and Business Planning
Duties: Research the downtown east-side Vancouver community, history of the Woodwards complex, social enterprise business models, café’s in Vancvouer and create a business plan for the W2 Café
2004-Current: Freeman Consulting Pty Ltd.
Role: Consultant and Designer
Duties: Web development and design, programming, graphic design, computer consulting, marketing, corporate identity, customer management and support
2007-2008: [email protected] Limited
Role: Web Co-ordinator and Marketing Assistant
Duties: Develop website, graphic design, liaise with stake-holders and suppliers, customer support, staff training, project and team management.
Internship Portfolio

More info: lukefreeman.com.au/resume/employment


2008-9: Post Baccalaureate Diploma (Honours) in Communication
Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada)
Thesis Topic: BC-STV and Effective Political Communication
2007-8: Bachelor of Media
Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia)
Major: Multimedia
Departing GPA: 3.303
Exchange Program at Simon Fraser University GPA: 3.86
2005-6: Bachelor of Arts
Curtin University of Technology (Perth, Australia)
Major: Internet Studies
Minor: Internet Design
Correspondence study
Departing Grades: Distinction Average

More info: lukefreeman.com.au/resume/education

Volunteer work and community engagement
Throughout my life I have been greatly involved with volunteering and community service. Helping people grow, standing up for what is right and building community have always been very important to me because my primary ambition in life is to work toward positive change. During my studies at SFU I have been on the executive of two new clubs as well as helping out with other groups and events.
More info: lukefreeman.com.au/resume/volunteer

Awards and Scholarships
I have always thrown myself at my work, studies and other activities. On a number of occasions I have been privileged enough to be recognised for my efforts. Throughout high school I received “Most Outstanding” awards for a range of classes and my sporting achievements have been awarded on many occasions. However, I take the most pride in the times I have been recognised for my community services because I believe them to be of merit. I have great appreciation for those awards that have provided monetary assistance as they have allowed me to achieve at a higher level.

Conferences, Workshops and Seminars
Continuous education and development is very important to me. In addition to my tertiary education I have made an effort to attend and contribute to various conferences, workshops and seminars – some of which have taken me around the world. My selection of attendance has largely revolved around events that focus on leadership and effective methods of progressive change.

Sporting: Rowing
My sporting achievements are particularly notable in my résumé as they have been a significant determining factor in my career path. In the eighteen months following my early departure from high school I earned six interstate medals and found myself on the podium in many national competitions. In 2007, I won Gold in the Men’s Eights at the Australia Olympic Youth festival, across the finish line ahead of Great Britain and New Zealand. Although I am currently taking a season off to recover from back injuries, my competition at such a high sporting level has helped me develop a strong sense of determination, commitment, creativity and self-discipline.

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