Donate to support Luke’s Living on Less challenge

Donate to support Luke’s Living on Less challenge

Raised: $5,195.15
Target: $3,000

I am thrilled that you’d like to make a donation in support of my Living on Less challenge. Here’s how to donate:

  1. Donate to the Against Malaria Foundation and support their life-saving work, or use the links below to donate to Schistosomiasis Control Initiative, Deworm the World or GiveDirectly (these have different links for tax-deductibility by country).
  2. Tell me how much you donated so I can keep a tally (leave a message to join the list of awesome people below)
  3. Feel great knowing you’ve made a meaningful difference in the world.

If you’re interested, read more about the charities I’m supporting. If you’re not in Australia, see below for links to make a tax deductible donation in your country. And I highly recommend you check out my blog for more information about my Living on Less challenge. And again: thank you!

Let me know about your donation

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More about the charities & donation link by country

You can donate to the GiveWell recommended charities using the links below.

The money goes directly to evidence-backed, thoroughly vetted, underfunded organisations. These include interventions from anti-malarial bednets right through to deworming programs or direct cash transfers. All of which are high impact causes for alleviating poverty.

GiveWell recommend charities according to how much good additional donations can do. They examine charities’ overall quality and cost-effectiveness, as well as what more funding would enable them to do.

Some of the buttons ask that you specify which charity in which case I encourage you to take the time to read about the charities and select the one you like most.

The easiest option is to donate directly to AMF which has a credit card facility and is tax-deductible in many countries.


via Effective Altruism Australia


directly to Against Malaria Foundation only


via Charity Science

United States

via GiveWell

United Kingdom

via Giving What We Can

Germany & Switzerland

via Effective Altruism Foundation

Rest of World

Against Malaria Foundation only

Awesome people who’ve donated (thank you!)

Andrew M, Australia
~ “Good Luck Luke”

Tracy M, Canada
~ “Nice work and good luck Luke! I’m proud to be friends with an individual like you”

Patrick R, Australia
~ “Good luck brother! You inspire me.”

Dieter W, Australia
~ “Well done Luke, great role model.”

Bradley T, Australia
~ “Impressed with how you’re going so far!”

Jessie & Kym, Australia
~ “Great work Luke! You can do it! :)”

Anonymous, Australia

Kyle F, USA
~ “Better you than me!”

Alistair C, Australia

Nick B, Australia
~ “Keep going, Luke. You continue to inspire.”

Yvonne P, Australia
~ “Good job, Luke! Not an easy feat!”

Michael W, Australia
~ “Keep up the good work mate!”

Anonymous, Australia
~ “Very much admire your efforts!”

Rob & Anna, Australia

Matthew W, Australia

Bry and James, Australia
~ “Good work Luke”

Jeremy M, Australia
~ “Nice work :)”

Hannah and Andrew, Australia
~ “Well done luke, a wonderful cause. Wishing you all the best in meeting your fundraising goal “

Scott G, Australia
~ “Luke it’s always great following what you do. It always makes me want to do better for myself and for others. Thanks for making me aware of this charity and I hope you meet your goals”

Anthony M, Australia
~ “Matching your target budget, thanks for leading us towards giving”

Matt D, Australia
~ “Well done!”

Alice N, Australia
~ “Amazing effort Luke. Incredible way of raising awareness as well as walking in the shoes of someone less fortunate than us here in Australia and what we take for granted every day.”

Paul G, Australia
~ “I look forward to learning from you how I can live on less”

Andrew H, Australia
~ “Great effort Luke!!”

Conor, Australia
~ “Love your passion, Luke! Awesome stuff”

Mike I, Asutralia
~ “Well done Luke! how you kept riding I have no idea”

Brooke D, UK
~ “The world needs more amazing people like you Luke! Amazing job.”

James W, Australia
~ “Great work Luke!”

Mark and Kerrie, Australia
~ “Well done Luke for raising awareness for this important cause.”

Phil B, Australia
~ “Great effort Luke!!”

Mark L, Australia
~ “Great work Luke”

Sally G, Australia
~ “You astound me and make me so proud!”

Sean G, Australia
~ “Well done Luke. Thanks for the write ups too. Very interesting.”

Andy F, Australia

Ange E, Australia
~ “Well done!!”

Jo S, Australia
~ “Good job Luke! You really need to do an eating challenge though!”

Anonymous, Australia
~ “What an awesome idea!!! Thank you for making the world a better place!!! :D”

Anonymous, Australia

Ben T, Australia
~ “Enjoyed very much your journey and very glad you succeeded.”

Imogen B, Australia
~ “You’re a hero.”

Szun T, Australia
~ “Amazing fundraiser and blog!”

Anonymous, Australia

Anonymous, Australia
~ “Good on ya luke”

Graeme W, Australia
~ “Great Stuff Luke. Inspirational.”

Anonymous, Australia

Anonymous, Australia
~ “Admire your passion”

James W, Australia
~ “Helping you get over the line ;)”

Kartike D, Australia
~ “great work!”

Andrew S, Australia
~ “Good work, you made it bro ?”

Alexandra K, Australia
~ “Awesome job Luke ☺️”

Allan F, Australia
~ “Great effort Happy!”

Julie D, Australia

Andrew B, Australia
~ “Thanks for not only doing this, but also sharing the learnings. The donation gap is closed – you did it! Congrats! “

James M, Canada

Andrew and Sami, Australia
~ “You are an inspiration to every single one of us. Massive achievement! “

Anonymous, Australia
~ “Weel done Luke. Hopefully this gets you to you target”

Komala, Australia
~ “Great effort and writeup (and I loved the spreadsheet). Couldn’t let you get through the month without hitting that goal. :)”

Ola S, Canda
~ “Great to hear that you’re doing this wonderful charity work!”

Anonymous, Switzerland

Lindy C, Australia
~ “Well done Luke! Massive feat and the world needs more people like you.”

Dean R, Australia
~ “Go Luke!”

Michael D, Australia

Danny P, Australia
~ “Well done luke – what an amazing month. I have been following your updates and impressed by your dedication & persistance.”

Christine V, Germany

Caroline B, Australia
~ “This is amazing. You’re an inspiration”

Ted E, Australia

Kitty C, Australia
~ “Late but not too late. Awesome fundraising! Good work Luke!”

Anonymous, Australia
~ “Very admirable, Luke. Well done!”

Craig H, Australia
~ “Well done Luke, whether rowing for Australia or raising awareness , humble , inspiring and bloody determined”

Easy Riders, Australia

Walter and Judy, Australia

Alan J, Australia

Anonymous, Australia