Conferences and Workshops

Conferences and Workshops

Continuous education and development is very important to me. In addition to my tertiary education I have made an effort to attend and contribute to various conferences, workshops and seminars – some of which have taken me around the world. My selection of attendance has largely revolved around events that focus on leadership and effective methods of progressive change.

  • 2009: Simon Fraser University Leadership Summit
  • 2009: BC-STV Campaign Conference 2009 (Vancouver, Canada)
  • 2008: International Youth Leadership Conference (Prague, Czech Republic)
    • Moderated Panel Discussion: Responsible Leadership
    • Moderated Panel Discussion: News & Propaganda – the Responsibility of the Media
    • Presentations by Czech Civil Society Leaders
    • Simulation – International Criminal Court
    • Simulation – European Parliament
  • 2008: Global Leadership Synopsis (Canberra)
  • 2008: From Couch to Change, OXFAM
  • 2008: Cross Cultural Understanding
  • 2008: Me Incorporated, The Frank Team
  • 2008: Beyond Borders
  • 2008: Ecological Footprints
  • 2008: Sustainable Leadership
  • 2008: Culture – The Extra Ingredient for International Business
  • 2008: Spirituality and Social Transformation
  • 2008: Cross Cultural Understanding
  • 2007-2008: Elite Athlete Development Workshops and Networking
  • 2003 & 2004: Student Representative Development camp

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