Which charities am I supporting?

Which charities am I supporting?

As you may know, I’m living on less than $2.50 during February to raise money to help end extreme poverty. I thought I’d expand a little on who the charities are and why this matters.

The charities I’m supporting are not simply band-aids.

They all have a proven effectiveness in both effectively saving human lives and many flow-through effects from health to education and economic.

The charities cover a wide range of interventions, I’ll go into a little detail on three of them.

If you care about health, Against Malaria Foundation doesn’t simply save lives, it prevents sickness for hundreds millions of people. This also happens to be a proven way of helping them to get out of poverty. They were recently featured in this podcast that I recommend.

If you care about education, Deworm The World doesn’t simply cure children from the discomfort of intestinal worms, it increases their school attendance and helps them be upwardly mobile.

If you care about self-actualisation, GiveDirectly puts money directly into the hands of some of the worlds poorest, they typically invest this money into things like upgrading a thatch roof to a tin one that not only keeps them healthier and safer it has a yearly return on investment (from durability) that’d make Wall Street envious.

Have a few minutes to dig a bit deeper?

  1. Read more about GiveWell’s top ranked charities
  2. Watch Peter in his 2013 Ted Talk explain the logic and practice of giving with your head as well as your heart.


Finally, another shameless plug to head over and make the world just that much better today by donating to help improve the lives of your fellow man – it’ll make you happier (because science).

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