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Digital Marketing Explained: Page Goals and Design

Digital Marketing Explained: Page Goals and Design

This is a part of the Digital Marketing Explained Holy Grail Post Series, the outline will be kept together on the Digital Marketing page.
ditial marketing holy grail
Organic digital marketing refers to the optimisation of traffic that you would receive organically (without having to promote) from direct website visits, links from search engines, links from other websites or email referrals. Social media profiles will also receive organic traffic but that will be discussed in the social media section.

Website or Landing Page

Defining Your Goals

First and foremost you need to define your goals of your page. Ideally there should be at least one “conversion metric” that could range from soft metrics like time on site to hard metrics like sales.

Here is a list of example metrics

  • Interaction Metrics
    • Article Views
      • Article reads (30 sec+)
      • Time on article pages
    • Video Views
    • Audio Listens
    • Podcast Downloads
    • Game Plays
    • Pages/Visitor
  • Email Capture via
    • Newsletter subscription
    • Competitions
    • Downloads
    • Event registration
  • Sales
    • Online Sales
    • Offline Sales Leads

Once you have defined your goals, your next task is to design your page with those goals in mind and follow best practice web design principles.

Designing Your Page

When designing your page there are layout, compatibility, accessibility, navigation, multimedia, content and design elements to consider. For each of these there are best practices to ensure that you do, try to avoid and just some general tips.


Ensure that the page

  •  is appealing to you target audience
  •  has consistent branding, style, header and logo
  •  has consistent & relevant navigation
  •  has consistent all fonts, font sizes, and font colours across the site
  •  uses an informative page title
  •  includes relevant keywords in its title and body
  •  includes credibility factors like corporate name, site name et cetera
  •  includes a footer with copyright, contact details, privacy policy, last updated date
  •  has good use of basic design principles: repetition, contrast, proximity, and alignment
  •  keeps all the most important information “above the fold”
  •  has a good balance of text/graphics/white space on page – not too many distractions
  •  has a good contrast between text and background
  •  has compelling, interesting information above the fold


  •  repetitive information like the header, logo and navigation taking up more than ¼ to 1/3 of the area above the fold
  •  having a slow loading page

Compatibility & Accessibility

Ensure that the page:

  •  is compatible with all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
  •  is compatible across all major operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • is suitable for the blind and screen reader friendly


  •  navigation aids such as site map, skip navigation link, or breadcrumbs
  •  captions are for each audio or video file used
  •  common fonts such as Arial or Times New Roman
  •  alternate text and titles for images or multimedia
  • Preferably navigation should be structured in an unordered list


Ensure that the navigation links

  •  are clear and consistently labelled
  •  are easy to use for target audience
  •  are also clear text links in the footer section of the page
  •  all are working links (check for broken links)


  •  using images, Flash, or DHTML for the main navigation


Ensure that:

  •  graphics are optimised for web and do not significantly slow the site download
  •  each audio, video or Flash file used does serve a clear purpose & enhances, rather than distracts from the page
  •  download times for audio or video files are indicated
  •  links to downloads for media plug-ins are provided

Writing Content

When writing content for the web, ensure that the content:

  •  uses techniques of web optimised writing are used such as headings tags, bullet points, short sentences in short paragraphs with a good use of white space
  •  provides meaningful, useful information
  •  is organized in a consistent manner
  •  can be found easily (minimal clicks, searching or scrolling)
  •  is up to date (and the date of the last revision and/or copyright date is accurate)
  •  provides links to other useful sites or pages


  •  outdated material
  •  typographical, spelling and grammatical errors
  •  the use of “Click here” when writing text for hyperlinks
  •  non-standard link colours (if used, have a consistent set of colors to indicate visited/nonvisited status)

Design Elements

For best practices around block quotes, about pages, coming soon pages, error pages, buttons, image captions and more have a look at Smashing Magazine’s web design best practices. Furthermore, hongkiat.com provides a great resource on best practices and examples for call to action buttons.

When briefing your page to a designer or just in getting your head around it, it helps to start off with wireframes.

Finally updated my résumé to include my current job @ Downstream.

Finally updated my résumé to include my current job @ Downstream.

Included my current work:

Currently I am working at Downstream Marketing, a digital performance marketing agency in Sydney’s CBD. My primary role as an Account Executive involves setting up and managing pay-per-click (PPC) search engine marketing (SEM), performance display and social media campaigns and consulting on web design for conversion driven landing pages. As part of this process I regularly host client meetings and performance reviews as well as setting up an array of reporting, analysis and optimisation systems and processes. Clients during my time at Downstream include: American Express, GetPrice, JumpOnIt, National Australia Bank (Share Trading), Budget, AAMI, JustCar, InsureMyRide, Shannons, eHarmony, Freelancer.com, iiNet, Insuranceline, Informa, Live In Australia, Jetabroad and Bingle.

Back in Syd with new contact info and looking for work!

Back in Syd with new contact info and looking for work!

Greetings one and all!

I am now living back in Sydney, looking for work and possibly doing graduate studies.

At the moment I am living with my folks in Narrabeen for a couple of weeks before moving into an apartment in Alexandria.

As you may know, I’ve recently finished my Bachelor of Media at Macquarie (Sydney) and spent time in Vancouver completing my Communication Honours at Simon Fraser University.

Our apartment is close to downtown Sydney (very close to the Redfern train station, one stop from Central) – a short work from the University of Sydney. If you’re ever in Sydney or Australia, we are maybe a 10 minute drive from the airport, so don’t hesitate to get in touch! Consider yourself as having a standing invitation to come visit any time–neither Joni nor I will be back in Canada for a while, so it’d be great to see some familiar faces.

As far as keeping track of me, please add me on facebook (facebook.com/lukefreeman), follow me on twitter (twitter.com/lukefreeman) or read my blog (lukefreeman.com.au).

I am also looking for work so please, please, PLEASE let me know if you hear of any work going either in my field (communicaiton/marketing/PR) or just in general (from admin to hospitality). Joni will also be looking for work when she arrives here on October 13th.

My resume is available at http://www.lukefreeman.com.au/resume

I am also back on the road with web designing – anything from simple “pamphlet/brochure” websites to dynamic, database driven, eCommerce solutions with content management & customer relationship management facilities. I work using: PHP, (X)HTML, XML, RSS, CSS, C++, JavaScript, MySQL, Automator and Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere, Flash).

So, I think that is it!

Look forward to hearing from and/or seeing you all!

Updated: Thanks to @ andrewfergusson for reminding me to websafe it! Contact me if you want my address / phone etc…

Picture 12

Help needed!

Help needed!

I’m going to cut to the chase!

As you may or may not be aware I will be back in Sydney this coming October and this means a few things for me (a) before I go home and (b) once I’m back. Furthermore, (c) I am open for building more websites over the next few months and will be doing it cheaply, (d) I am starting to build something that could be quite revolutionary and am looking for partners.

  • (a) My dear Canadian contacts: I’m looking for work in Vancouver to support myself over the next few months. This is particularly important due to scholarships, bursaries and loans falling through. If you know of any work available soon, please contact me!
    Resume: http://www.lukefreeman.com.au/resume
    SFU PEOPLE!! Do you know of any research assistant positions? Or anything else on campus?
  • (b) Upon our return, both Joni and I will both be looking for work in Sydney.
    : I have a B Media and will have a PBD Communication (Honours). Most of my work has been in marketing, web and design, however I am looking toward moving more toward the PR and networking side of things – and I’m hoping for preferably less on the side of big nasty corporations. See my resume.
    Joni: She will have a B Arts (Major: Communication, Ext Minor: English). Joni also very talented with graphic design and has worked in marketing and web design (alongside Cafe’s and an Info centre). And another plus: she’s GREAT with people and very hard working.
  • (c) If anyone wants some websites designed I am offering some great prices at the moment. Please contact me at zeekdesign.com if you, or someone you know is interested.
  • (d) I am trying to get a full-featured social networking, management and collaboration tool off the ground to help solve the problem of too many organisations and groups constantly reinventing the wheel and having too many online tools doing the jobs poorly.
    Have a look at WorldSocial.net to see my quick overview.

Thank you all so much for your support and attention in reading this email so far! I really appreciate all that you have all done for me!

25 Things

25 Things

I filled this thing in on Facebook…thought it’d have a more permanent home here.

1. I’m doing this to avoid writing my thesis.
2. I had a cold this week. It was the first time I got sick in a very long time.
3. I went through a Emo music stage before Emo’s existed and it was just soft metal.
4. I’m often playing the devils advocate. Which often leads people to think that I am of that opinion — e.g. I’ve defended elements of both creationism and evolutionism many times.
5. I am seriously annoyed by stupidity and hypocrisy.
6. I am often stupid and inevitably hypocritical.
7. My first kiss was back stage in a musical before bowing in the Finale.
8. I am an insanely jealous person that hides it very well. It’s not easy.
9. I love doing musical covers of songs in a completely different style (e.g. a soft and meaningful “I don’t like dancing” or a funky “Amazing Grace”)
10. I love hugs. Seriously.
11. I am annoyed by the idea of a “sensitive new age guy” — most often it means that they are sensitive about their own emotions at the cost of everyone else.
12. I love to cook, and I love to eat. I love to entertain people. Cleaning is fine too, if people appreciate it.
13. I seriously believe that the world can change to be a better place
14. One of my greatest fears is not being a good father and husband.
15. I had a chicken egg business with my best friend at the age of 9 (I think I was nine – we had flowcharts and everything!).
16. At various points I have seriously wanted to be a Rock Star, Olympian, Prime Minister, Entrepreneur, Social Worker, Web Designer Actor or Stay-at-home Dad — some of them were more realistic than others 😉
17. I’ve always followed my dreams. And I’ve done it with a calculated, realistic yet passionate attitude.
18. I love to get side tracked talking and dreaming with people.
19. My closest friends are spread all over the globe, and the nature of my friendships are both stable and fluid.
20. I once chased a girl across the other side of the world. She’s now chasing me back home 😀
21. Someday, I want to live and work in a country that speaks a language other than English (and I’ll need to learn it!)
22. I’ve always wanted to go to an Oxbridge university.
23. It seems like I have a familiar face — people often think they know me. (must be because I’m a mutt).
24. I am horrible with names – but I’m working on it. I think “mate” is the best word invented, but it’s not as effective outside of Australia to hide my forgetfulness.
25. I believe you can learn something from everything. No matter how remote the lesson. Even Astrology! It teaches you that you can put yourselves in other peoples shoes with a bit of imagination (seriously, any of the readings you could apply to yourself :p).

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