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For Christmas this year, give a gift worth giving…

For Christmas this year, give a gift worth giving…

So here’s a shameless plug for Good Return. A fantastic charity that my partner Joni works for.

Their gift certificates are one of the most unique ways to give. Every gift will help a woman to lift herself – and four others – out of poverty. It’s a gift that you and your loved one can enjoy more, knowing that it helped someone first.

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Check it out! Joni has decided to put her paper art skills to work. This is her first listing on Etsy.com. Enjoy!

Check it out! Joni has decided to put her paper art skills to work. This is her first listing on Etsy.com. Enjoy!

Modern Blank Cards – Gold

From joniemerald

Modern Blank Cards - Gold

This set of two pearlescent gold cards have been carefully accented with handmade and decorative papers. They would make for lovely matching gift cards, a chic way to say hello, congratulations, or thank you to a stylish friend!

The inside of the card is blank, and has been lined with a lightly textured cream paper for easy writing. The lining has been tested with most pen types and ink does not bleed. Cards come with matching cream envelopes.

Complementary cards can be made on request, just ask!
Read more at www.etsy.com

Want to get rid of anything? We're moving and can help relieve your garage of clutter :)

Want to get rid of anything? We're moving and can help relieve your garage of clutter :)

Amplify’d from lukeandjonineedahome.info

moving house from our current place in Redfern/Alexandria up into Willoughby/Chatswood! We’re pretty excited and are planning on moving this Saturday the 18th. (If you have some time to help, we will repay you with pizza and beer!)

As such, we’ve taken stock and there are a few things our new place doesn’t have. If you have any of this stuff that you’d like to get rid of (aka have us take it off your hands), or know anyone who might, please let us know!

Unfortunately we’re just looking for free stuff right now, or items that cost the same as a great deal from eBay.

Things we need!


  • Fridge, but we don’t know dimensions quite yet
  • Microwave
  • Washer and dryer
  • Kettle
  • TV
  • DVD player (preferably with USB)


  • Bookshelves & other storage / shelving
  • Entertainment “centre” for the TV & DVD player
  • Dining chairs
  • Side tables, coffee table, etc.

If you do have any of these things, please let us know! My mobile is 0451 634 526 and Luke’s is 0404 255 632, or email or Facebook us. We can pick them up from you this coming weekend, September 18th/19th, or another time by arrangement.

Thank you everyone for any potential help / ideas / contacts. :)

Joni & Luke

Read more at lukeandjonineedahome.info


Luke and Joni Need a Home

Luke and Joni Need a Home

Welcome, and thanks for dropping by!

Joni and Luke are on the hunt for apartment #4. We have been thinking that the tough part about the whole process is this: rental applications don’t tell the story. Unless people know their tenants, a rental application really doesn’t say much.

So we would like to share this link with friends and family to pass along to anyone who is looking to rent out an apartment… and we’ll probably put it in a few rental applications ourselves!


We are looking anywhere from the city to 10km north (suburbs like Neutral Bay through to Lane Cove and North Sydney, Australia).


Our lease runs out on October 1st, 2010. We have a bit of flexibility if need be.

Rental History

First we were at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, CA) in University accommodation, then in 2009 we lived on Main St (Vancouver, CA), following that we moved onto Wyndham St (Alexandria, AU) from September 2009 — present.

About Luke & Joni

We have been together as a couple for nearly three years, after meeting in a tutorial we had together while attending Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. Seeing as Joni is originally from Canada, we have spent a bit of time hopping between the two countries to study, work, and visit family, but are now based out of Sydney for the foreseeable future.

Luke works full time in the CBD and is an avid rower, while Joni works from home and enjoys doing a lot of cooking (have you seen her food blog, The Three Cheeses?). We enjoy the outdoors, travelling and camping, and try to live as ethically and sustainably as they can. (We even have a worm composter!)

For more info about Luke see Lukes.me. For more info about Joni see Jemerald.ca.

New job, rowing, new bike, life etc…

New job, rowing, new bike, life etc…

So, it’s been quite a while since I have updated… sorry!

What’s news for me?

Well, the job search is over! And all the turning down offers and holding off for a workplace that fits in with my values, suits my personality and extends me professionally has paid off 🙂

I’m now working at Downstream Marketing as a Search Engine Marketing Assistant. Which basically means that I pour through data from Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing mostly through an impressive tool called Efficient Frontier (exclusive to Downstream in Australia). I then analyse the data, create reports, have client meetings, optimise the ads and track the budgets.

Yes, it’s much less “creative” than my previous work, but it’s extending me and that’s the whole point! Plus I get to do it with a fantastic team of people (which you’d kinda hope after 7 interviews and a analytical/behavioural test).

In other news, I’m putting off further study for a while because I cant dedicate the time. Sure, it would have been nice to get my PhD very young, but I’ve still got time.

The plan is to build up capital and gain experience whilst doing a bit of moonlighting with Joni so that in a few years I can head abroad again and possible start a communications agency.

— but we’ll see how the best laid plans of mice and men work out!

As for rowing I’m enjoying being back into it! However, being ill and trying to row during my first week off work beat me around!

We (Winchy, Simon, Lachey and I) went cycling up to Pearl Beach last week and had a great time (with Joni, Tony and Bry in the car)! The weather was almost unbearable and my 30+ year old bike almost killed me.

After that my bike almost fell apart, so I BOUGHT A NEW BIKE!

GTR Series 3

Pretty neat, aye!

It’s my primary mode of transport and it’ll make my life much easier. Just got to figure out getting work clothes dry cleaned, having showers, packing lunch etc..

Joni has been working on the opposite schedule to me (4pm-12am and 2pm-10pm) and we’ve hardly seen each other. It was really nice to have the weekend together 🙂

On that front all I can say is that besides our crazy schedules, things are still going great! She’s amazing and more than 2 years down the track we’re still crazy for each other and enjoying each other’s company.

It’s great living with her and Jeremy. When you get on with those you live with it makes life just that much easier.

Well, this has been a long post and I’ve hardly scratched the surface!

I’m not making any promises, but I’ll be trying to update this more often now.

Back in Syd with new contact info and looking for work!

Back in Syd with new contact info and looking for work!

Greetings one and all!

I am now living back in Sydney, looking for work and possibly doing graduate studies.

At the moment I am living with my folks in Narrabeen for a couple of weeks before moving into an apartment in Alexandria.

As you may know, I’ve recently finished my Bachelor of Media at Macquarie (Sydney) and spent time in Vancouver completing my Communication Honours at Simon Fraser University.

Our apartment is close to downtown Sydney (very close to the Redfern train station, one stop from Central) – a short work from the University of Sydney. If you’re ever in Sydney or Australia, we are maybe a 10 minute drive from the airport, so don’t hesitate to get in touch! Consider yourself as having a standing invitation to come visit any time–neither Joni nor I will be back in Canada for a while, so it’d be great to see some familiar faces.

As far as keeping track of me, please add me on facebook (facebook.com/lukefreeman), follow me on twitter (twitter.com/lukefreeman) or read my blog (lukefreeman.com.au).

I am also looking for work so please, please, PLEASE let me know if you hear of any work going either in my field (communicaiton/marketing/PR) or just in general (from admin to hospitality). Joni will also be looking for work when she arrives here on October 13th.

My resume is available at http://www.lukefreeman.com.au/resume

I am also back on the road with web designing – anything from simple “pamphlet/brochure” websites to dynamic, database driven, eCommerce solutions with content management & customer relationship management facilities. I work using: PHP, (X)HTML, XML, RSS, CSS, C++, JavaScript, MySQL, Automator and Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere, Flash).

So, I think that is it!

Look forward to hearing from and/or seeing you all!

Updated: Thanks to @ andrewfergusson for reminding me to websafe it! Contact me if you want my address / phone etc…

Picture 12

Lessons from Sci-Fi

Lessons from Sci-Fi

So, I went to see the new Star Trek movie recently on it’s opening day. My girlfriend, Joni, is a former-semi-closet-now-unashamed Star Trek fan and I had hardly seen much Star Trek before (not a single episode until the Christmas just gone by).

The movie was great, as I’m sure you have heard (or know from experience), but it got me onto watching a bunch of old Star Trek and it’s reminding me of a lot of the Sci-Fi that I’ve watched over the years. They all have some interesting stuff in common and, in my opinion, you can learn more from Sci-Fi than from any other genre.

On this premise, I’m kicking off a series of posts “Lessons from Sci-Fi.”

The topics will include things like the science, political, social and religious commentary, technology, artificial intelligence, environment, living on other planets, war, peace, occupation/colonisation/insurgence, patience (hehe), storytelling, dreaming, hero complex, not taking yourself too seriously…and much more!

Comments encouraged!

Help needed!

Help needed!

I’m going to cut to the chase!

As you may or may not be aware I will be back in Sydney this coming October and this means a few things for me (a) before I go home and (b) once I’m back. Furthermore, (c) I am open for building more websites over the next few months and will be doing it cheaply, (d) I am starting to build something that could be quite revolutionary and am looking for partners.

  • (a) My dear Canadian contacts: I’m looking for work in Vancouver to support myself over the next few months. This is particularly important due to scholarships, bursaries and loans falling through. If you know of any work available soon, please contact me!
    Resume: http://www.lukefreeman.com.au/resume
    SFU PEOPLE!! Do you know of any research assistant positions? Or anything else on campus?
  • (b) Upon our return, both Joni and I will both be looking for work in Sydney.
    : I have a B Media and will have a PBD Communication (Honours). Most of my work has been in marketing, web and design, however I am looking toward moving more toward the PR and networking side of things – and I’m hoping for preferably less on the side of big nasty corporations. See my resume.
    Joni: She will have a B Arts (Major: Communication, Ext Minor: English). Joni also very talented with graphic design and has worked in marketing and web design (alongside Cafe’s and an Info centre). And another plus: she’s GREAT with people and very hard working.
  • (c) If anyone wants some websites designed I am offering some great prices at the moment. Please contact me at zeekdesign.com if you, or someone you know is interested.
  • (d) I am trying to get a full-featured social networking, management and collaboration tool off the ground to help solve the problem of too many organisations and groups constantly reinventing the wheel and having too many online tools doing the jobs poorly.
    Have a look at WorldSocial.net to see my quick overview.

Thank you all so much for your support and attention in reading this email so far! I really appreciate all that you have all done for me!

What’s news

What’s news

Wow! It’s been a month since my last post!

So then I am dearly owing this blog a little bit of snooz!

Okay, Uni is going great! Lots of work with my thesis, already nine thousand words of interview transcripts! I’m hoping to have my first draft of my first chapter done next week.

I’m doing a work-study with W2, creating the business plan for their Cafe. W2 is a creative arts and media incubator social enterprise in the Downtown Eastside (DTES) of Vancouver.

James and I are doing a marathon, so training for that is coming along well.

Oh yeah, and I pretty much have the best significant other in the world! Things with Joni are going great, certainly coming along well. I’m getting beter at being a little less OCD, which helps 🙂

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