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Downstream is still looking to hire, #SEM Assistants/Managers – GREAT place to work, good benefits

Downstream is still looking to hire, #SEM Assistants/Managers – GREAT place to work, good benefits

Downstream Marketing is Australia’s largest and faster growing strategic Search Marketing agency. Awarded B&T’s Emerging Agency of the Year for 2008, we were recognized as the best of the best amongst all marketing services agencies and disciplines. Because of our ongoing success, we are looking for high caliber candidates to join our team.

If you have a passion for digital, data and direct marketing, Downstream could be an agency where you can grow your career in the fast paced, ever changing world of Search and performance digital marketing. Downstream is a values based organization that recognizes team members based on their output, not input. We believe in operating under the principals of “freedom within boundaries” and actively encourage all staff members to excel in both their careers and non-work life.

If you are passionate about crafting the career you want, being a member of a collaborative team and pushing your own personal boundaries, Downstream may be the right fit for you. Detailed below are career opportunities currently on offer.

Publishing and the recession

Publishing and the recession

In recent times I’m sure you’ve noticed far more red discount stickers posted out around bookstores. Maybe you’ve seen the number of publishing jobs being advertised have drop off significantly (not to mention the wages). Perhaps your own workplace has laid of employees to reduce costs.

There’s been an adage in the industry that publishing is recession proof. Then why are there telltale signs that the industry, with an exception of on-demand, is suffering?

This question needs careful consideration before jumping to conclusions… and now may be just be the opportune time to brush up on your publishing skills, take some time to do some writing or explore some innovation within the publishing industry.

For years, publishers have argued that “because books are inexpensive, provide lasting pleasure and are sought by a relatively affluent clientele, their appeal persists even in hard times.” Yet anecdotal evidence can be scary.

However, an article by Telegraph.co.uk points out that there are specific areas falling in sales that are largely the cause of the overall publishing dip. These are largely tabloid-style celebrity books or ‘trade non-fiction,’ about food and drink, health, mind, body and spirit issues et cetera. Furthermore, they show that GPS systems have been the cause of a blow to maps and atlases and computer books are becoming obsolete as most people are opting to do a quick search online.

A lot of this is just showing a temporary shift and a natural progression. As journalist Helen Brown states “most publishers agree we’re likely to turn away from the grimmer stuff. Misery memoirs will take a nosedive, as will “suicidally bleak” literary fiction.”

Furthermore, Jamie Byng of Canongate, feels that the financial restrictions mean that there will be “fewer but better books: publishers will sharpen their focus.”

What does this mean?

Be innovative. Be creative. Refine your skills. Make good use of your time.

According to many critiques of the recession: it hits less-educated workers much harder.

Adam Hale, chairman of the technology leadership group at the Prince’s Trust, says job-seekers must be distinctive and proactive and must communicate well. “Having done things that are a little bit different, having made maximum use of your time are all important – do lots of things that make you distinctive,” he says.

Author Jim C. Hines wrote on his blog: “In the face of all this, here’s what I intend to do: (1) Keep writing. (2) Keep submitting. Because everything else is out of my hands…I didn’t start writing fiction in order to gain a stable, secure income stream. Don’t get me wrong, I love the income, but that wasn’t the purpose. I started because I love it, and I’m not about to stop writing because we’ve hit a rough patch.”

As Rick Haglund of the Detroit Bureau wonderfully puts it: “Recessions end. I’ve lived through five of them in my career.”

Now is a great time to move around, explore, retrain and spread your wings.

If you’ve got the drive, you’ll succeed. Just be patient and innovative.

Simply have a look at the booming online and on-demand industry: Number of On-demand Titles Topped Traditional Books in 2008.

Or maybe, just maybe, you could use this time to write your memoirs?

Entering the workforce

If you are of Generation Y (born 80s-early 90s) and just entering the workforce, this is actually a great time. Over the next 5-10 years most of the Baby Boomers will be retiring and there will be more jobs than people to fill them. I cannot stress enough how being qualified can slingshot you to the front of the crowd in the post-recession frenzy!

by Luke Freeman

Help needed!

Help needed!

I’m going to cut to the chase!

As you may or may not be aware I will be back in Sydney this coming October and this means a few things for me (a) before I go home and (b) once I’m back. Furthermore, (c) I am open for building more websites over the next few months and will be doing it cheaply, (d) I am starting to build something that could be quite revolutionary and am looking for partners.

  • (a) My dear Canadian contacts: I’m looking for work in Vancouver to support myself over the next few months. This is particularly important due to scholarships, bursaries and loans falling through. If you know of any work available soon, please contact me!
    Resume: http://www.lukefreeman.com.au/resume
    SFU PEOPLE!! Do you know of any research assistant positions? Or anything else on campus?
  • (b) Upon our return, both Joni and I will both be looking for work in Sydney.
    : I have a B Media and will have a PBD Communication (Honours). Most of my work has been in marketing, web and design, however I am looking toward moving more toward the PR and networking side of things – and I’m hoping for preferably less on the side of big nasty corporations. See my resume.
    Joni: She will have a B Arts (Major: Communication, Ext Minor: English). Joni also very talented with graphic design and has worked in marketing and web design (alongside Cafe’s and an Info centre). And another plus: she’s GREAT with people and very hard working.
  • (c) If anyone wants some websites designed I am offering some great prices at the moment. Please contact me at zeekdesign.com if you, or someone you know is interested.
  • (d) I am trying to get a full-featured social networking, management and collaboration tool off the ground to help solve the problem of too many organisations and groups constantly reinventing the wheel and having too many online tools doing the jobs poorly.
    Have a look at WorldSocial.net to see my quick overview.

Thank you all so much for your support and attention in reading this email so far! I really appreciate all that you have all done for me!