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Life's not simple, I should get used to it!

Life's not simple, I should get used to it!

While I feel like I have blogged a lot recently, I look back at my posts and realise that most of it has been writing a private post (sorry guys, you miss out on a lot!) and then deleting it a few hours later realising that I’ve overreacted to something in my life. I don’t know why I delete them when I’ve already made them private. Some people like to keep a record of their thoughts regardless, but I don’t like holding onto things that aren’t grounded in reason.

I don’t know why but I’ve been a bit on edge lately. I normally don’t let things get to me, but some things I’m more susceptible to than others.

I am a really fortunate person. I really wish some things didn’t bother me this much.

Coupling the things I want to achieve in my life next to being out of my depth financially and academically, and right alongside to my obvious character flaws: I kind of get weary and need a bit more of a safety net than I have at the moment. While I have awesome people around me, my core group has changed and haven’t found my release in the same way.

I miss playing music. It used to be my escape. I miss being so sure about things in life, it was a lot easier.

I’m being challenged with problems I never thought I’d be challenged with. The result is that I feel like a psychopath! Ha. Me? Yeah! When the most basic of values, expectations and assumptions are changed it can be unsettling… and I’m not used to that feeling.

While I’m used to feeling challenged, knocked down hard and out of my depth, I’ve never really had feelings of inadequacy until lately. In fact, I devoted a whole entire private entry into the intricacies of it the other day.

While someone having too much to drink is not a completely legitimate excuse (because it just brings the deeper problems to the surface), I have to learn to be more understanding of it and not to respond to those deeper problems until the time is more appropriate (or until it the problem itself passes with time).

I never realised how such seemingly small things mean the world to me… and how such basic things can mean so little to others.

…don’t even get me started onto why I thing the world is going to be impossible to change in the ways it should.

Mmm. This is post is taking the trend of a lot of my private ones so far… NO RESOLUTIONS!

SO! I will finish this with a resolution and a light at the end of the tunnel.

People ARE good. No matter what we may feel sometimes. Communication MAY suck. But we need to find it within ourselves to pull ourselves out of the mess, cop it on the chin and learn from it. “Ugh…” you say? IT IS WORTH IT!

In conclusion. (1) Life has been very good to me: I’ve been blessed with so many wonderful things, yet I have also got to learn things the hard way. (2) I can be a better person if I see everything as a learning experience. (3) GET BACK ON THE HORSE!! The race isn’t over Luke, you may be speaking to yourself but you’re not THAT crazy :p

…now, time to get back on the horse! I may just need a few whips.

The Apocalypse: 6.8 Billion Resume's

The Apocalypse: 6.8 Billion Resume's

As a society, we are increasingly obsessed with defining ourselves. Think about most introductions that people make: “Hi, I’m John, and I’m a Student,” or “Dr. Smith at your service, surgical doctor, that is.”

While we do change our introductions based on who we are talking to, we have a reasonable small circulation of them. The revolve primarily around what we do. Sometimes they extend to what we think: “I’m liberal.” In conversation it is often our history or our personality: “I’m from Vancouver” or “I’m optimistic.”

When we define ourselves by belief systems and assumptions, we are being close minded and start to be walk a dangerous path: “We should all just buy more and the economy will pull itself back out of this mess.”

We even define ourselves by our flaws or struggles. While it is humbling to see our flaws, what does it achieve by boxing ourselves?

These fundamentally little things seem to be so important to us.

If you look throughout history at all the atrocities, you can blame religious institutions, political movements, ideologues, zealots and nincompoops. But what is the real problem? People try so hard to define themselves that they walk a dangerous path.We struggle to be challenged at our very core.

“But we are a tolerant society now?” Really? Well, even if we are, there is a huge difference between tolerating others and recognising that you would benefit from changing yourself.

It is emotionally unsettling to be undefined. We seek out people that define themselves similarly so that we can all pat each other on the back and applaud how right we are. It prevents us being challenged.

Furthermore, encouraging someone to make a change is insulting. When did this become the case? Okay, do we just strive to tolerate everyone? No. That would be the end of us. We need to learn from others.

The information society is taking us one step closer every day to having a quantifiable definition of ourselves. When that happens, how are we any different to 6.8 billion machines? Quantified definitions are not very different to machine specifications.

Why can we not define ourselves by what we can be? Each of us have the potential to be much greater than we currently are. But even the act of defining oneself by what they could be would be limiting. Would defining oneself as the potential world leader simultaneously limit them being bohemian designer?

We need to encourage others to be all that they can be. We need to love and accept who we are but also love and strive for who we can be.