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What's News Today December 15, 2011

What's News Today December 15, 2011

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What's News Today December 14, 2011

What's News Today December 14, 2011

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Google to increase AdWords account limits to 500 campaigns…

Google to increase AdWords account limits to 500 campaigns…

As many adwords professionals know, there is a soft limit in Google AdWords of about 40,000 keywords (it changes every now and then) and then there is a hard limit of 100 campaigns, 5,000 adgroups per campaign and a total of 1 million keywords (including negatives).

The hard limit is often available to agencies upon request to your account manager from Google.

Today I got an email saying that over the next few weeks Adwords will be updated in to reflect this new system of account limits:

  • 500 campaigns (active and paused)
  • 20,000 ad groups (per campaign)
  • 3 million KWs/placements/topics/audiences (active and paused per account).

Unfortunately Yahoo/Bing still has much smaller limits, and most advertisers have already set up separate Google accounts to account for hundreds of campaigns, but still it provides hope for the future.

Google AdWords Description Line Appearing in Headline

Google AdWords Description Line Appearing in Headline

Update (June 2011): Google has now enabled embedded sitelinks.

Update (May 2011): Google is now putting the URL after the headline if there is space.

Update (Feb 2011): Google wrote a post about it for more information.

I was doing a test search for a campaign I was setting up today and noticed that the description line 1 was showing up right after the headline on Google Adwords. Apparently they’ve been testing it around the world for a while and is now showing up intermittently here (see this article).

Update: It looks like your ads will do it if description line one is a complete sentence (i.e. ends in “.” or “?” or “!”).

Good to see one of my clients (GetPrice) getting a good wrap for our SEM campaign

Good to see one of my clients (GetPrice) getting a good wrap for our SEM campaign

The traditional retailers didn’t come off to well, but sites such as GetPrice with millions of long-tail keywords and targeted ad copies across multiple search engines are getting a great wrap for consumer experience and visibility.

Amplify’d from digitalministry.com

Google AdWords – Aussie Retailers Behind the Eight Ball

Written by Sean Wyld | January 31st 2011 What is your opinion?

With the hundreds of millions of dollars spent each year on advertising by the major electrical retailers, why do the likes of Harvey Norman, JB Hi Fi, Dick Smith, Myer and Co seem more interested in complaining about GST then utilising Google AdWords effectively? And why aren’t the leading online retailers like Deals Direct and OO.com.au maximising the opportunity?

Walk into your local JB Hi Fi, Harvey Norman or Dick Smith and tell them you’re interested in buying a Samsung UA55C9000.  The sales person will take you to the TV section show you a shiny new Samsung UA55C9000 55” LED TV, tell you the price and tell you how much better your life will be with it sitting in your living room.

Now try the same thing online.  Go to Google.com.au and search for Samsung UA55C9000:

Out of all of the retailers in Australia, how many are interested in selling you a Samsung UA55C9000 TV, e.g. how many have an Google AdWords ad? Only one, the Electrical Discounter.  An honourable mention to price comparison sites, Get Price and Price Dumper and a thanks for playing to Optus with an ad for the right brand but wrong product.  With the hundreds of millions of advertising dollars spent each year by the major electrical retailers, where are the likes of Harvey Norman, JB Hi Fi, Dick Smith and Myer?  Or for that matter, where are the leading Australian online retailers like Deals Direct, OO.com.au and Dstore?

Read more at digitalministry.com

Good article explaining retargeting/remarketing

Good article explaining retargeting/remarketing

This is a good article explaining retargeting/remarketing. We use it regularly on EF & AdWords through Search and Display with a lot of success.

Amplify’d from searchenginewatch.com
If you spend “a lot of money” on your clients’ paid search programs or any other marketing program, this is your opportunity to increase their campaign ROI by making an effort to recapture the missed opportunities a second, third, or umteenth time. In most cases retargeting campaigns outperform search marketing campaigns (in a silo).

Read more at searchenginewatch.com


New job, rowing, new bike, life etc…

New job, rowing, new bike, life etc…

So, it’s been quite a while since I have updated… sorry!

What’s news for me?

Well, the job search is over! And all the turning down offers and holding off for a workplace that fits in with my values, suits my personality and extends me professionally has paid off 🙂

I’m now working at Downstream Marketing as a Search Engine Marketing Assistant. Which basically means that I pour through data from Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing mostly through an impressive tool called Efficient Frontier (exclusive to Downstream in Australia). I then analyse the data, create reports, have client meetings, optimise the ads and track the budgets.

Yes, it’s much less “creative” than my previous work, but it’s extending me and that’s the whole point! Plus I get to do it with a fantastic team of people (which you’d kinda hope after 7 interviews and a analytical/behavioural test).

In other news, I’m putting off further study for a while because I cant dedicate the time. Sure, it would have been nice to get my PhD very young, but I’ve still got time.

The plan is to build up capital and gain experience whilst doing a bit of moonlighting with Joni so that in a few years I can head abroad again and possible start a communications agency.

— but we’ll see how the best laid plans of mice and men work out!

As for rowing I’m enjoying being back into it! However, being ill and trying to row during my first week off work beat me around!

We (Winchy, Simon, Lachey and I) went cycling up to Pearl Beach last week and had a great time (with Joni, Tony and Bry in the car)! The weather was almost unbearable and my 30+ year old bike almost killed me.

After that my bike almost fell apart, so I BOUGHT A NEW BIKE!

GTR Series 3

Pretty neat, aye!

It’s my primary mode of transport and it’ll make my life much easier. Just got to figure out getting work clothes dry cleaned, having showers, packing lunch etc..

Joni has been working on the opposite schedule to me (4pm-12am and 2pm-10pm) and we’ve hardly seen each other. It was really nice to have the weekend together 🙂

On that front all I can say is that besides our crazy schedules, things are still going great! She’s amazing and more than 2 years down the track we’re still crazy for each other and enjoying each other’s company.

It’s great living with her and Jeremy. When you get on with those you live with it makes life just that much easier.

Well, this has been a long post and I’ve hardly scratched the surface!

I’m not making any promises, but I’ll be trying to update this more often now.