Stay The Heck Home (feat. Virtual Choir)

Stay The Heck Home (feat. Virtual Choir)

These are crazy times with COVID19 and the health, work and daily life impact that’s had – and it’s still only early days.

We all process this it in different ways.

For me it turns out that music has been one of those ways.

Thank you to everyone who sent videos and audio tracks. The sound of your voices and sight of your faces warms my heart, picks me up, gives me hope.

I hope this song does that for you and helps us feel like we’re together in this, even when physically apart.

Special thanks:

  • Elizabeth (Lead Vocals)
  • Lisa (Lead Vocals)
  • Serene (Tenor Ukulele Solo)
  • Adam (Soprano Ukulele)
  • Brent (Sax)
  • Josien (Backing Vocals)
  • James, Kerrie, Elizabeth, Imogen (lyric feedback)
  • Mark, Levi, Trish, Gregory, Eliot Ainsley, August, Rufus, Szun, Neil, David, Walter & Judy, Jesse, Kira, Sarah, Imogen, Adam, Chelsea, Hugh, Sally, Bella (my wonderful virtual choir)

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