Re: Control Freak

Re: Control Freak

In response to my last post: the things I like to control are not sinister, in fact the one that most often runs me up the wrong way is that I like do whatever I can to make life easier for other people ā€“ the factor I can’t control is whether they will appreciate it or if it will actually help.

Secondly, the expectations that throw me off when they are not met are very small and very reasonable. I set the bar really low and seem to be astonished when it’s not low enough. I have a very high ratio of my effort to someone else’s effort/benefit.

Just clearing up that I’m not a crazy, unreasonable person. I just have to learn to accept things and not be thrown by things that seem very unreasonable to me ā€“ not to be thrown because I can’t ensure a positive outcome with all my efforts.

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