More updates

More updates

Okay, here’s more that I didn’t update on last night.

  • Well, I stopped rugby pretty soon after starting because I realised that it is not worth the high chance of becoming a paraplegic ;( – rowing over here is basically screwed. I’m not sure I’m that enthusiastic after I was kinda stuffed around by them. I still love the sport but I think it may not be the right time and place for me to be on the water at the moment. (also being really flat out with uni, letting that take the reins for a bit)
  • We’re thinking MONTREAL NEXT SUMMER!! Then possibly Australia, or heading to somewhere to work teaching ESL and getting paid well šŸ™‚ (pay of student loans) — the options are endless!!
  • Things are going to be really hectic, and next semester Iā€™m going to start needing more money šŸ™ — honours is costing $4500 (all I’m doing is writing a thesis and having 1 meeting a month!??!?!?!!), res is $2500 and compulsory meal plan $1350 (minimum) so I’m going to have to find work.

P.S. I’ve started moving personal posts to private because this site is increasingly being used as my resume (essentially).

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