Luke and Joni Need a Home

Luke and Joni Need a Home

Welcome, and thanks for dropping by!

Joni and Luke are on the hunt for apartment #4. We have been thinking that the tough part about the whole process is this: rental applications don’t tell the story. Unless people know their tenants, a rental application really doesn’t say much.

So we would like to share this link with friends and family to pass along to anyone who is looking to rent out an apartment… and we’ll probably put it in a few rental applications ourselves!


We are looking anywhere from the city to 10km north (suburbs like Neutral Bay through to Lane Cove and North Sydney, Australia).


Our lease runs out on October 1st, 2010. We have a bit of flexibility if need be.

Rental History

First we were at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, CA) in University accommodation, then in 2009 we lived on Main St (Vancouver, CA), following that we moved onto Wyndham St (Alexandria, AU) from September 2009 — present.

About Luke & Joni

We have been together as a couple for nearly three years, after meeting in a tutorial we had together while attending Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. Seeing as Joni is originally from Canada, we have spent a bit of time hopping between the two countries to study, work, and visit family, but are now based out of Sydney for the foreseeable future.

Luke works full time in the CBD and is an avid rower, while Joni works from home and enjoys doing a lot of cooking (have you seen her food blog, The Three Cheeses?). We enjoy the outdoors, travelling and camping, and try to live as ethically and sustainably as they can. (We even have a worm composter!)

For more info about Luke see For more info about Joni see

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