Interlaken (Switzerland) '08

Interlaken (Switzerland) '08


We arrive in the soaking rain about 10pm and start trekking to the accommodation by foot… the place was very hard to find but we finally got there around 11pm… soaked.

So we quickly sorted out our accommodation (found out that we needed to pay an extra $9 per night), showered and got our beds.

We ventured downstairs to find that there were some Yanks and Brits drinking and talking. Within no time we were getting on splendidly, and getting into trouble for the noise.


We awake to find that the mountains are still covered in cloud and its still raining. After eating a huge European breakie (and acquiring some for lunch) we headed into town to check it out.

“Swiss Art and Craft” we soon discovered means expensive watches, knives and chocolate. So we still decided to browse all the Swiss Art and Craft, taking free samples. After walking around town, checking it out we finally decided to go white water rafting with the Brits later that afternoon.

The white water rafting people picked us up from our hostel and we headed off to the white water rafting base. Once at the start of the rapids we were teamed up with a Yank and Canadian to form a team full of testosterone! You can imagine the outcome of our team (with our Canadian guide too) up against a similar team… lots of racing and outdoing each other. We rocked though!

After getting our free beer we were dropped back to the accommodation, cooked dinner (2 minute noodles) and soon found ourselves in the middle of a game of Kings Cup.


Ben and I headed out with the other Aussie (Chris) to go hiking. We were recommended to go to the Trummelbach Falls so Ben and I went there. The Canadian and American that we met the day before were at the falls too (with a couple more randoms).


The falls were absolutely incredible! It is hard to explain them in a way that does them justice but the long and short of it is a waterfall that had cut through the side of the mountain, resulting in a series of chutes that the water took inside caves to make its way to the bottom.

We then headed back to finally go hike a mountain, although it was still too cloudy to see anything. Only half an hour into it my migraine was getting very bad and I started to lose vision and feel ill. So I turned around and headed back to the train station to get some food into me (I hadn’t eaten properly for some time).

Eventually I got back to the accommodation and slept for a few hours until my head started to clear a bit.

When we started to think about dinner we realised that everything was closed because it was a Sunday! Eventually we found out that the camp ground next to us had a convenience store so we picked up some pasta and pasta sauce.

After eating dinner, talking for a while and swimming in glacier water (4 degrees) I made the break for bed to try and get rid of my headache.


Time to use the 30 minutes of free internet from McDonalds, use the postal service and of course…buy some Swiss chocolate! After coming back from town I took the obligatory skinny dip in glacier water in a quiet part of the lake, 5 min from our hostel. I only lasted about 10 minutes before seriously fearing for my future reproductive capabilities.

Back in the hostel we started playing table tennis! I eventually started to get into the swing of it and not play too badly for a rumb dower…holding my own at least. This lasted for quite a while before we went and started on dinner. Another round of pasta and sauce…this time with a bit of meat and veg!!

After that we somehow ended up doing physical challenges as you do! The one I am most proud of as usual was my limbo ability. Even with my horribly ruined spine I managed to beat the shortest guy (5ft) and all the girls (one was a dancer). Ahh… trust the rowers to end up with a physical challenge!

In the end, absolutely everyone had lost something or another and ended up having to skinny dip in the freezing lake! Haha, at least I knew what to expect! It seemed like that’s all Corbs and Ben wanted to do all day was to make people get naked in the lake, so they finally had their way – good thing it was pitch black!


Finally after 4 days in Switzerland the clouds lift and we can see the mountains that surround us! What an amazing, beautiful place!!

Just in time for us to pack our bags and get on the train to Munich (or Munchen as the Germans say).

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