I'm back and no longer playing secret squirrel!

I'm back and no longer playing secret squirrel!

I’m back from my travels with as much if a tan as a pasty guy can expect and many stories to talk about!

I’m also finally writing the post that I promised so many of you I’d write to tell you what I’m actually doing now for work. I know I’ve been playing secret squirrel until now but it’s come to a stage where I can talk about it.

So the long and short of it is that I’ve joined James Moody (innovator, entrepreneur andauthor who you may remember from ABC’s New Inventors) and a small, very talented team to work on two startup projects: TuShare and Sendle.

I’ve told some of you already about TuShare, it’s Australia’s fastest growing giving network where every item is free! The goal is to divert as much of our perfectly reusable stuff from ending up in landfill while building a positive community. I encourage you to check it out and see if you can snag something you want for free, or if it can help you do some much needed de-cluttering.

This leads onto the project which I’ve been quiet about so far: Sendle. After setting up the logistics of the door-to-door delivery of rescued resources for TuShare, the idea was to make door-to-door delivery at post office prices available to everyone! No more waiting in post office lines during precious business hours, needing to pick things up at inconvenient times, being charged extra for tracking or insurance or getting parcels delivered to the wrong address — we even have a cool feature where addresses remain anonymous!

If that sounds good to you then please let me know as I can probably swing some free/cheap delivery for you guys while we’re still in beta (initially it’s domestic only).

If you have any questions or want to catch up please don’t hesitate. I’m still living in Lane Cove and my new office is now near Town Hall/Hyde Park if you’re ever in the neighbourhood and want to get a beverage or a meal.

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