Growing up and growing stones

Growing up and growing stones

Sorry its been ages since my last post, things have been full on over here 🙂

Currently I’m doing 17cp at SFU including my honours project!

I’m graduating this spring and after that I have no idea what I’m doing. I grew the stones to bring it up with Joni last night and we had a really good chat, about everything really. Man, I’m lucky with that girl 🙂 – soon it’ll be a year that we’ve been together, wow!

We talked about the fact that we’re both graduating and making plans for the future and the reality of the moment is, however scary one may find it, we’re both making plan’s with each other in mind. It kind of hit me that I am really an adult now. Scary, but more exciting than anything when I think about it.

I’m still working on my lack of skills with confrontation for things that are important to me, last night was an improvement. Still got more work in that area, but I’l get there 😀

In other news, somehow I’m the first International student to be accepted into an Honours program here at SFU, so I’m treading new ground and again proving that if its not working, just push harder 😉

Things are going to be really hectic, and next semester I’m going to start needing more money 🙁

But… I’ve really got it good, and life is exciting… WOW!

Peace out 😉

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  1. Hey.
    talk about a long time no post.
    miss ya.
    how come i didn’t know you’ve been in a relationship for so long?!?!?!


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