Great Bluetooth Headphones for Cycling and Jogging… Finally!

Great Bluetooth Headphones for Cycling and Jogging… Finally!

It’s been so hard to find good headphones for exercising and last month I picked up a pair of Avantalk Jogger headphones and all month I’ve had comments and people asking me questions about them so I thought I’d put them down here and do a little review.

The’ve been fantastic!

Avantree Jogger Green
Avantree Jogger Green

During October I rode 2,000km to raise money for the Children’s Medical Research Institute and these were a life saver. I listened to over 120 hours of audiobooks and podcasts and got a lot of milage out of my bike and my headphones!

I’d previously been quite disappointed with bluetooth headsets, but I really liked the idea. Avoiding getting the cable caught (and breaking regular earphones about once a month) was getting tedious so I got these from MobileZap online store (check the ‘iPhone 5 Accessories‘ page for the latest models). The store was really helpful. I sent a few questions through by email and the reviews on the site really helped.

The only problem I had was with the earbuds being a bit too big for my ears (I get this all the time) but I was able to use them without the earbud cover.

So far the battery life has been great (will see how it lasts in a year or so) and they only cost about $35 (which is much cheaper than the other ones that I’ve been dissatisfied with).

They’re certainly not noise cancelling, but that’s exactly what I need on the bike for safety reasons (I want to know what’s going on around me).

Obviously they’re really quite water resistant (unlike most headphones) and have lasted through a couple of storms.

The controls on the sides work great and if I’m listening to music at work it’s really easy to pause it or if I’m surround by loud noises (like the tunnel at central station in Sydney) I can turn the volume up easily.

They’re very comfortable to sit underneath the helmet and I can lay in bed with them too (which I’ve never been able to do with other bluetooth ones because of the way they sit behind the head).

All in all they’ve been one of my most satisfying tech acquisition in ages. If they come out with smaller earbuds then I’d have no complaints at all.

UPDATE: After six months of use the pair I had stopped charging. Without any trouble Avantree were incredibly helpful and replaced them for me. Fantastic customer service, great experience. I now continue to use these headphones every day.

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