Google to increase AdWords account limits to 500 campaigns…

Google to increase AdWords account limits to 500 campaigns…

As many adwords professionals know, there is a soft limit in Google AdWords of about 40,000 keywords (it changes every now and then) and then there is a hard limit of 100 campaigns, 5,000 adgroups per campaign and a total of 1 million keywords (including negatives).

The hard limit is often available to agencies upon request to your account manager from Google.

Today I got an email saying that over the next few weeks Adwords will be updated in to reflect this new system of account limits:

  • 500 campaigns (active and paused)
  • 20,000 ad groups (per campaign)
  • 3 million KWs/placements/topics/audiences (active and paused per account).

Unfortunately Yahoo/Bing still has much smaller limits, and most advertisers have already set up separate Google accounts to account for hundreds of campaigns, but still it provides hope for the future.

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