Digital Marketing Explained: Why do Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Explained: Why do Digital Marketing?

This is the second part of the Digital Marketing Explained Holy Grail Post Series, the outline will be kept together on the Digital Marketing page.
ditial marketing holy grail


The what, why, how and when part of this series is the most important part; simply grasping the concepts laid out will put you a long way ahead in the path to effective digial marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Why do Digital Marketing?

There is an audience out there that wants to interact. Help them!


There is an audience out there that wants to interact. Help them! Make it easy for them find you and once you have them, treat them well then they will stick around, maybe even become an evangelist.

People are quickly migrating huge portions of their activities and time from analogue to digital channels. At the same time digital is infinitely more trackable, targetable and unobtrusive.

Marketing is shifting away from the “push” and “spray” paradigms toward “pull” and “target” ones. Instead of pushing your campaign, people search for you or your competitors. Instead of buying large quantities of generic media (e.g. newspaper ads) that is irrelevant and annoying, people can be targeted with message that is more relevant.

There are a lot of arguments to be made around digital analytics, targeting, interactivity, innovation et cetera, but at the end of the day the most important take away is this: if you are not there you will lose a huge potential audience, and if someone beats you to the chase then you could lose your current audience.

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