Digital Marketing Explained: Website or Landing Page

Digital Marketing Explained: Website or Landing Page

This is a part of the Digital Marketing Explained Holy Grail Post Series, the outline will be kept together on the Digital Marketing page.
ditial marketing holy grail
Organic digital marketing refers to the optimisation of traffic that you would receive organically (without having to promote) from direct website visits, links from search engines, links from other websites or email referrals. Social media profiles will also receive organic traffic but that will be discussed in the social media section.

Website or Landing Page

Your website or landing page is the first port of call for most people. Even if you are not promoting it directly, people will still try to find it when exposed to other campaign material.

The best part is that you have complete control over your website, albeit within the capabilities of your web development/IT team, content management system and internal policies.

Unlike any other channel, your website or landing page else allows you to craft your message, direct people to your conversion funnel and track the results.

What’s the difference between a website and a landing page?

Website: A website is generally open to the public, the first point of call for people to navigate across your brand.

Landing page: A landing page is specifically built for a campaign and preferably has minimum distractions.

“Your website should be designed to impress your target market and Google”[1]

When building a website or landing page you should have two goals in mind. Firstly, most obviously and importantly, you should be aiming to impress your audience. Secondly, however, you are building to impress Google (among other search engines) by building it in such a way that will be “index-friendly”

Planning a website or landing page (referred to as page from here on) is just like when you are planning any other campaign; first you must define your goals then you can design your page.

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