Dear Citizens, we can do better

Dear Citizens, we can do better

As the Australian political landscape continues to race to the bottom, remember this: we have options. Especially because in our country your vote can go a lot further with a preferential ballot (and a proportional senate).

A redefining of the political spectrum and a switch to a conversation around policy instead of personality and a focus on optimism instead of division is possible if we speak up with our votes and our voices.

As flawed as it may be, we live in a democracy still. Now is the perfect time to be a good citizen and engage with our future, the future of our communities, and the future of the rest of live on this planet.

As it’s been said:

If not now, then when? If not us, then who?

If we’re not moving forward, we’re falling back.

My request for action goes way beyond simply the way that we vote, it goes to the very heart of how we conduct ourselves and what we expect of each other. Therefore…

  • I dare you to choose optimism over apathy.
  • I beg you to choose open-mindedness over ideology.
  • I call you to choose cosmopolitanism over parochialism.
  • I ask you choose compassion over heartlessness.
  • I challenge you to choose nuance over sensationalism.
  • I encourage you to choose conversations over mocking.
  • I implore you to choose self-awareness over self-righteousness.
  • I hope you will choose change over stagnation.

As the adage goes:

We can’t keep doing the same things and expecting different results.

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