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Things may be hard at times but when it comes down to it…

…I’ve got it so damn good!

The things I have coming up in my life are so worth waiting for!

So close, yet so far away

So close, yet so far away

I think this is just about the hardest part of waiting for something, the part where you are “so close… yet so far away” – it just sucks.

You’re constantly excited but simultaneously reminded that you’re not there…yet.

It’s the part where your mind plays tricks on you, where your thoughts can’t stay where they should, where nothing else seems to matter as much anymore, where you think you’ll suffer serious long term problems with your blood pressure for maintaining that consistent level of anticipation đŸ˜›

I think the boys at rowing (as I see them all the time) are about to shoot me if I say “I just can’t wait to be in Canada…HURRY UP!” one more time… eek! The only thing stopping them is that I’m pulling bloody hard and they need me to race đŸ˜€

Things will probably be more bearable once I’m finished with my Uni work, and much more bearable when I’m flying overseas because I’ll be en route đŸ˜€

After Henley I really hope to try and enjoy Europe as much as possible considering my anticipation.

Ha…I seem to get some serious respect every time I mention all the things that I’m doing and why I’m doing them. That only makes my anticipation more intense!

Also in other news… ah, don’t worry I’ve got to clean up – just remember when I try and finish this post I was about to write about why my fist is sore from punching a poster of a good looking woman đŸ˜›

…more on that after the break đŸ˜‰