A White Christmas

A White Christmas

The Sunday snowfall, one of the worst dumps in Metro Vancouver since Dec. 29, 1996 when 41 cm fell at the airport, delayed buses, buried cars in snowbanks, and slowed traffic to a crawl. Cities such as Vancouver and Burnaby have already overspent their budgets keeping the roads clear.

There is more to come. Another 15 cm is forecast for Metro Vancouver on Wednesday, and flurries are expected on Christmas Day. The last official white Christmas for Metro Vancouver was in 1998.

“This could turn out to be the whitest Christmas of all in Vancouver,” said Environment Canada meteorologist Mark Madryga…more from the Vancouver Sun

British Columbia is so far having a cold winter, but with below average snowfall everywhere but Vancouver – and the Vancouverites are completely stumped about how to handle it!

I’m sitting cosily inside at Joni’s parents place in Revelstoke with a fair bit of snow outside. Last night it was only -10c which is much better than the night before at 19 degrees below freezing.

So far it is the coldest winter I have experienced, but I seem to be dealing fine – not that I’ve really put myself outside much as Joni enjoys taking this time to do indoor things (as if anyone who’s grown up with this can blame her wanting to stay warm).

This year will be my first Christmas away from my family and it already feels very different. However, this time last year I would have given anything to be here with my lovely lady.

I’m off to Silverstar today to see my cousin and her boyfriend, so there’ll be a little bit of my family this Christmas! Yay!

My brother, Jamie, proposed to his girlfriend the other day and now they’re engaged! So that’s exciting! I’m looking forward to finding out when they plan on having the wedding so I can ensure I’m there for it 🙂

All said and done, I may be missing people (and the beach) but I’m really enjoying being out of my normal experiences and doing something else — living my life.

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