25 Things

25 Things

I filled this thing in on Facebook…thought it’d have a more permanent home here.

1. I’m doing this to avoid writing my thesis.
2. I had a cold this week. It was the first time I got sick in a very long time.
3. I went through a Emo music stage before Emo’s existed and it was just soft metal.
4. I’m often playing the devils advocate. Which often leads people to think that I am of that opinion — e.g. I’ve defended elements of both creationism and evolutionism many times.
5. I am seriously annoyed by stupidity and hypocrisy.
6. I am often stupid and inevitably hypocritical.
7. My first kiss was back stage in a musical before bowing in the Finale.
8. I am an insanely jealous person that hides it very well. It’s not easy.
9. I love doing musical covers of songs in a completely different style (e.g. a soft and meaningful “I don’t like dancing” or a funky “Amazing Grace”)
10. I love hugs. Seriously.
11. I am annoyed by the idea of a “sensitive new age guy” — most often it means that they are sensitive about their own emotions at the cost of everyone else.
12. I love to cook, and I love to eat. I love to entertain people. Cleaning is fine too, if people appreciate it.
13. I seriously believe that the world can change to be a better place
14. One of my greatest fears is not being a good father and husband.
15. I had a chicken egg business with my best friend at the age of 9 (I think I was nine – we had flowcharts and everything!).
16. At various points I have seriously wanted to be a Rock Star, Olympian, Prime Minister, Entrepreneur, Social Worker, Web Designer Actor or Stay-at-home Dad — some of them were more realistic than others ;)
17. I’ve always followed my dreams. And I’ve done it with a calculated, realistic yet passionate attitude.
18. I love to get side tracked talking and dreaming with people.
19. My closest friends are spread all over the globe, and the nature of my friendships are both stable and fluid.
20. I once chased a girl across the other side of the world. She’s now chasing me back home :D
21. Someday, I want to live and work in a country that speaks a language other than English (and I’ll need to learn it!)
22. I’ve always wanted to go to an Oxbridge university.
23. It seems like I have a familiar face — people often think they know me. (must be because I’m a mutt).
24. I am horrible with names – but I’m working on it. I think “mate” is the best word invented, but it’s not as effective outside of Australia to hide my forgetfulness.
25. I believe you can learn something from everything. No matter how remote the lesson. Even Astrology! It teaches you that you can put yourselves in other peoples shoes with a bit of imagination (seriously, any of the readings you could apply to yourself :p).

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