For Christmas this year, give a gift worth giving…

So here’s a shameless plug for Good Return. A fantastic charity that my partner Joni works for.

Their gift certificates are one of the most unique ways to give. Every gift will help a woman to lift herself – and four others – out of poverty. It’s a gift that you and your loved one can enjoy more, knowing that it helped someone first.

From their site:

You can choose to give either a Straight Loan or a Donated Loan:

A Straight Loan: When the loan is repaid by the borrower, the gift recipient can choose to re-lend, donate the funds to Good Return, or keep the money to spend on something they like.

A Donated Loan: When the loan is repaid by the borrower, the funds will be donated back to Good Return so we can continue to expand our programs and provide training to our microfinance partners and their clients. You also receive a tax deductible receipt on purchase.

When your gift recipient redeems their certificate, they choose who they want to lend to, and are sent repayment updates.

For more info:

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