Consumers want a car. TV studios give pogo sticks. Doesn’t turn us into pogo-stick fanciers…

Great article about apples new line up, particularly this part about IPTV.

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Digital music stores work because it’s one-stop shopping, whether you shop at iTunes, Amazon’s MP3 Store, or Rhapsody. If I want a specific album, I don’t have to first ask “What label was that recorded under?” and then “Which one of the following thirteen incompatible music stores is partially owned by that label?”

But that’s the problem we face with Internet TV. Which might kill the whole thing before it even gets on its feet. iTunes and Hulu’s strongest competition comes in the form of apps that make it trivially simple to locate the latest episodes of every TV show ever broadcast, posted on any filesharing site or service.

You want last week’s episode of “Dancing With The 19 Kids Of Cake Decorators?” You got it.

It’s illegal, sure. But it’s free and more importantly: it works.

Consumers want a car. The TV studios give us a pogo stick. It doesn’t turn us into pogo-stick fanciers. It turns us into car thieves. Please CC this comment to anybody you know in the television industry.



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