So, how am I meant to change the world?

So, how am I meant to change the world?

Just came back from a GLP distinguished speaker session and it left me thinking, gosh there’s a lot.

The environment, politics, poverty, education, mental health, the economy, greed… I could go on.

With all these things i’d love to change on a big scale I’m yet to understand where my passions and opportunities are leading me and where my efforts are most effective.

The funny part of it all is that, when it all boils down, I just want to love my future family to the best of my ability – by leaving them a legacy of the best world to grow up and live in.

I may be too young to be thinking of my future family, but the decisions i’m making now are going to affect them massively. And if I’m not giving it forethought who else’s responsibility is it?

Further thought needed.

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