So surprise me!

So surprise me!

Recently, I’ve been seeing a couple of people really close to me break up (or consider breaking up) relationships that seem to make “so much sense” to everyone around them. They’ve been going out because the other person ticked all the boxes but have got a few months in and realised that they don’t actually feel much for the person.

Something I’ve learned recently that no matter how many things seem not to work (at first) in your head… its worth fixing your head to match that thing we like to ignore because we hardly understand it (particularly us guys)… that is your heart.

Sometimes it is just a bit smarter than your head and if left ignored too long, it certainly knows how to kick and scream!

I’m not saying that you have to be “completely, utterly in love” as hollywood would have you believe. Because coming on too quick isn’t necessarily healthy either (coming from the son of parents that got engaged after 3wks). But I’d rather be excited when I feel a small touch, get a message/note/letter, see in the distance or even think about than to have someone who makes sense!

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