The Truth About Binge Drinking

The Truth About Binge Drinking

Just watching a Documentary right now: The Truth About Bringe Drinking

A couple of take aways:

  • We way under count how many drinks we actually have
  • How many drinks before you’re screwing your health is 14units per week for women and not much more for men
  • How quickly it screws you
  • Way to many people drink to get rid of inhibitions, heaps struggle to go out without drinking – what does that say about our culture?

On top of that, how much money is wasted is ridiculous.

It’s a good thing that training is so important to me, however because I have such a strong tolerance to alcohol I could easily top the max weekly limit in a night before feeling tipsy.

So, I’m referring to my pre-18y/o attitude of taking it as a challenge again, to be the one who can go out and not drink. The first thing I’m stopping is rounds!

Also refer to yesterday’s post, I’m cutting more than 2 beers or glasses of wine in a sitting just because of the kilojoule content.

I’m a fun guy! And a crazy one too 😛

Watch this space… (and check out the article or try and get your hands on the docco)

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