Yuck… I feel horrible.

My nose could do with a tap on it, my throat could do with a some drain-o, my head would like some of these clouds to be removed.

I hate the point when your nose is raw from tissues ;(

Now this has been an encouraging post hasn’t it!

I’m a hard person to make grumpy, being sore, tired or injured doesn’t really do it because I’m so used to being both that I can maintain my cool and they don’t bother me. But being sick is the way of getting to me. I’m trying to hold my cool because I’m on a family holiday and want to make the best use of it but I’m struggling to think clearly and that’s not something I’m used to.

Ah, oh well I can’t complain, I’ve been consistently well for a while now… as far as sickness is concerned – I’ve maintained injury for 4 solid years though.

Wish me luck.

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