Next year, changes and being realistic

Next year, changes and being realistic

I think I’ve decided that I’ve doing my first semester of Honours falls through then that is for good reasons.

I may be trying to do too much too fast.

Another possibility that would be fantastic would be after my undergraduate exchange, just working and traveling for a couple of months. That’d give me the chance to do things like reading a book, things that I don’t normally do when I’m in “study mode.”

I would love to do “unofficial” research on my Honours topic.

One thing I have always wanted to do that I have been holding off is teaching some blind kids to row.

There are a bunch of things that I have on my to do list that might not need to be put off for the sake of finishing my studies earlier.

I know I’m in a rush to finish my studies because I can envisage some post-graduate research. As well as wanting to be able to work so I can pay off debt and start my life.

I guess the “provider instinct” in me wants to be able to afford to make life easier for someone else, but I’ve got to accept that whenever I settle down that I’ve got to learn that I can’t always give – it’s not healthy, it’s not fair on the other person, that subconscious mentality doesn’t allow for what my significant other would be able to bring to the relationship, that mentality is selfish.

You think after my last long term relationship I would have learned that.

But I really do think I have learned heaps since those experiences. I can now bring more to the table and accept more of my short-comings as opportunities to be complimented by someone else’s strengths. This is an area that I have grown in and am trying to continue to grow in for all kinds relationships: friendships, academic, romantic, business, family, sporting et cetera.

For example with the Olympic rowing medalists or my application for Rhodes recently, I look at some of those who have made it and think “how could I ever match up to that?” then I am realising that they are all human with weaknesses and difficulties.

This is a time in my life where I am clueless and making decisions that are going to affect the rest of my life. The good news is that it is going to be exciting and I will always be clueless and making important decisions – however I am just getting more experienced at that as time goes on. And the more time that passes the more aware I am of how unequipped for things I am but also how much that doesn’t matter (I can become equipped or capitalise on those who are, let their strengths compliment where I fall short).

Also, on another note: to loose more weight I’m going to cut down on my coffee (particularly white), beer, wine and portion sizes. I don’t have the time to do extra exercise to lose weight. Especially as I seem to run my body down to the point of sickness or injury in an attempt.


  • tea instead of coffee
  • coffee to be primarily black
  • wine: 1 glass instead of 1 bottle
  • beer: less beer, particularly dark beer – blondes when I have them
  • soda water: as my main refresher and mixer
  • squats: build up slowly instead of injuring myself; replace with more lunges
  • running: stretch more, keep it to a max of 30min
  • cycling: do more, be more organised with groups
  • work: less [email protected]; more ZeekDesign – be prepared to find student loans
  • study: don’t rush it; slow and methodical – write what I believe or at least something original, not just what they want me to write
  • eating: less snacks, smaller portions, less carbs, less treats
  • relationships: accept that people can like/love me for who I am, that I’m actually worth it
  • changes: make more, pretend less, be held accountable, get disappointed less = be realistic of short-comings but don’t plan to fail

Wow, that was meant to be a short comment.

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