Stick it to the man

Stick it to the man

There are officially WAY to many STUFFED systems in the world. Too may old people in high places, too many people with too much power, too many conflicts of interest.

Today some of my good mates went through something that I’ve seen far to often.

Good, talented people, people that should be selected, sent home without good reason. Whilst other people take their place.

Some people seem to always work the hardest, be the best for the job, yet still miss out. Whilst others seem to not work as hard, not be as well suited yet somehow get all the doors opened for them.

I am not going to deny that many good things can, have and do come from the unjust actions of people. If I had been given a fair chance last year at selection and it worked out then I would have missed out on a bunch of opportunities and my life would look different. But the end still doesn’t justify the means.

Many things in the world need to be a lot more transparent, a lot more just and ethical.

I think that where ever I end up in life that is one of my goals, I want to be accountable to that too.

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