If there was one thing I’d like to improve it would be my capacity to selflessly love people… following that I could do with a some more wisdom and humility.

I guess they all come with time and effort though.

Like, I don’t care about how confused, impatient or rejected that I could ever be, if I had the capacity to still selflessly love people, I would then have the greatest capacity for change.

The problem is that reciprocal love is so much more satisfying and selfless love is draining.

Don’t even get me started on all the different definitions of love either.

By the way Mr Blog…now that I count it, it’s eight times since the age of 12 for your information.

P.S. All that said, I need to affirm that I feel very loved right now, that’s what brought into question my own capacities.

Cheerios 😀

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