La spirit

Just game back from the GLP colloquia: Spirituality and Social Transformation. And the description quotes “You will learn how spiritual principles and processes assist the student in becoming more powerfully effective catalysts for social transformation as global leaders in empowering themselves and others.” The guy that was running it was honestly the most fascinating person I’ve ever met — such an interesting bloke, no doubt. Obviously, like a lot of things as I get older, it left a lot more questions than answers but it was such a great platform of discussion and opened up my eyes to heaps of things. I really don’t know where I’m going to end up in life, particularly what I’ll do for work — but I’m not to fussed and I think its okay that I’ll find out with time. I’ll just keep consistent with my character, get to know myself really well, be intentional with honesty and integrity and get used to always seeing how much more there is that I don’t know. Then things will work out right (whatever you like to define that as). Ahh, interesting times. I still hold by the fact that I have the most amazing people in my life with so many things ahead of me that I’m looking forward to. And the best part is that each one of those things becomes closer everyday! Now, off to eat some cold leftover pizza and edit my essay!! 

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