The pleasure of reading

The pleasure of reading

“How are we able to turn a sprinkling of abstract symbols on a white page into scenarios and vignettes so arresting that we can shut out turbulence and the roar of aircraft engines on a red-eye merely by reading a flimsy paperback book? Few critics have dared tackle the affective aspects of reading…since the conventions shaping the acts of writing and reading print narratives alike are so well-established and so familiar that we can function perfectly well without the faintest inkling of how the whole enterprise works – just as we do with so much of the technology that surrounds us.”

Douglas, J. Yellowlees and Hargadon, Andrew (2004) “The Pleasures of Immersion and Interaction: Schemas, Scripts, and the Fifth Business”

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  1. i like it…. although it got me thinking too philosophically for a whole english lesson, puzzling over how that “sprinkling of abstract symbols” can become such an amazing piece of literature like Hamlet…. and the last section makes me smile coz it’s so true 🙂
    anyway good luck with everything

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