Just got back from my post dinner walk πŸ˜€ ’tis good for thinking (perhaps too much).

So… I guess I owe you an explanation (as to my absence)!

Well, I have been away at pearl beach for the weekend, which was fantastic — the holiday I was needing πŸ˜€

Lots of cooking, eating (somewhat restricted, not as much as next week would require), playing taboo, arguing about the rules, hiking to a billabong, swimming in the billabong and just general beachin’ it up — not to mention cleaning it all up at the end (I’m far too domesticated, the boys commented on its emasculating effect :P).

All in all, I had a ton of fun and didn’t even open my book!

But… back down to weight I need to get, 71.5ish this morning and I need to get that to 69…aaargh

I’m also going out for dinner with my boss and a couple of colleagues on Thursday for which I will feel stupid for not eating. Terribly nice of them though.

Ah, I’m back at Uni now and am not going to a single class this week due to O Week and the fact that I am working there (MC’ing it doesn’t give you much room for lacking attendance) πŸ™

Next week I’m at nationals too, so that’s not a good start πŸ™

Ahh well, bed does call rather nicely — maybe half an hour of reading? I really need to get onto reading my Uni books, first I need to buy them πŸ™

Sorry for ignoring you (not that you, my blog, have feelings, but I am apologising to myself when I want to read this again later).


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