Blog…are you feeling neglected? I bet u are!I’m just sitting in the waiting room for the chiro at the moment, probably wont post tonight either.Ah, today’s been a rush-i should really get on top of things:

  • call the club secretary about money owing so i can pay it off & race this weekend
  • make contact with the guy about the rhodes scholarship
  • sort out credit for subjects whilst on exchange
  • look into work/accomodation for when i arrive in vancouver before uni starts
  • call phil & marshy over in the US
  • think about my rant for tonight
  • get on top of my website jobs
  • finish off my own website stuff
  • look into applying for honours – see if i can start it mid year
  • … And that is just starting my list!

Got to go now, its my turn at the chiro!Ugh, false alarm, oh well i think i’m getting RSI

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