Well all I can say right now is “ugh” — that is how I feel. Sick in the stomach, puffy eyes and itchy red dots all over me!

Last night I was out at a mates 21st and somewhere in the process I got a tic without realising it. That is not good news if you are like me and have a tic allergy. It ruined my liver and made me get so drunk off only 6 drinks to the point where I had to call a friend to find out how I got home last night.

That sucks.

My head is still spinning.


This morning at 9am I had a meeting to go to with my coach from Mosman. I probably shouldn’t have driven in hindsight (not alcohol, that would be long out of my system, but I was feeling so nauseous from the tic bit). It was great to catch up with Nick, he really respected how much I have learned about my body and life in general. He was cool about me rowing with Luke (my old pair partner) at a different club. He was just happy to know that I’m on track.

Anyway, my head is spinning so I better go lie down… 

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