After a really hard day when I had just got off the plane after sitting, stuck (stationary) on it for an hour and a half and was waiting for a taxi I had every intention of coming back and having a good old rant about my day here on the blog.

Then I got one of those messages that are a saving grace. One of those ones that just pick you up right when you need it. In this case it was a short SMS from someone I really care about, it didn’t need to say much, but it was what I needed.

Those kind of things make me look forward to having someone to come home to at the end of each day that no matter what, things can be really hard, but at the end of the day, there is someone there who really loves you and is there for you — and someone who you have the privilage of being there fore.

 So… this post turned out different to the way it was planned.

 T’was a bit of a “wake up and get over yourself” moments.

But it is amazing how fragile life can be and how valuable a tiny human input of the right kind can make such a difference. Now off to eat something for dinner, lay with a heat pack and grab some drugs (those things also make life bearable at this very moment of particular needs). 

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