En route

En route

Well, i’m sitting on the taxi on the way from melbourne airport to the city for my meeting.

Gosh, plane chairs are painful, my back is sore after that.

Had the boys over last nite post weekend away, it’s gonna be a regular thing now. Thats great because i love stimulating conversation 🙂 i somehow agreed to have a somewhat prepared rant about fitting (or moseso not fitting) into social expectations – yeah, i know i’m not the best person for that but the guys said thats not the point.

In other news i found out that i’m not allowed to work more than 38 hours a week, that’ll be hard considering that i managed to work 40.5 hours last week over 4 days… Woopsie!

It cant hurt the budget, but i’m working more on life balance-getting there 🙂

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