The boys tonight

The boys tonight

Had the boys around tonight discussed heaps of stuff, great conversations — really good!

You know that 18 years onward and I only just discovered that when my Dad proposed to my mum she was not a christian and that he had no pressure on her to do so (she did end up becoming one about a month before they got married)… the things you learn about your parents that they just never brought in conversation before. On that point, I’ve hardly ever talked to Mum about her long-term boyfriend before Dad, he died in a hunting accident, Mum was right there at the time he passed away. I’ve never talked to her about that.

I think there’s a lot I need to talk to my parents about, I know there’s more we can contribute to each others lives than we currently have.

It is different now that they see me as an adult too.

Mmmm…. parents.

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