Weekend Debrief

Weekend Debrief

Well, I guess I should comment on some stuff I gained from the weekend away…

Here we go:

  • If you’re going to defining a man by what society thinks nowadays…you’re screwed!
  • If you’re going to define what kind of man you’re going to be by what women want you’re also screwed, because that want two co-existing extremes on so many things (ie, like the comfort of having a man providing financially but think that it boxes them) – the old rhetoric of opening a door for a lady and hearing a mumble “chauvinist pig” and if you let them open it themselves you might hear the mumble “selfish pig” — either way you’re a pig!
  • I need men around me who I trust enough and are close enough to confide in on a lot of deep things — this is something I have been lacking
  • It’s a team sport, we’re in it together
  • That things aren’t so black and white, there is a lot of grey
  • Not to be so hard on myself, but not to be complacent
  • Things will work out…

Ah, that’s my weekend observations in short

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