My foul mouth

My foul mouth

Hectic at work today!

We got a whole heap of explicit spam on the [email protected] Forum today, basically a heap of porn on a University website doesn’t go down well. Fortunately I am the first person in the office at 6am and the postings were at 4am, so I got to it before anyone else saw it (i hope).

In turn I spent some time working on spam prevention and also forum censoring (replacing profanities with other words).

It was rather amusing some of the replacements I came up with, especially when I got a co-worker to test it and the way they worked in real sentences.

It was a really weird feeling, sitting there at work listing profanities. I got stuck really quickly, so firstly I looked through my spam folder for ideas, then tried searching google — no one at work was willing to help — funny that 😛

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