Feeling greedy?

Feeling greedy?

This post from Saturday disappeared due to my new template (i.e. I forgot to put in >=2 as opposed to >2).

What do I want right this moment?

Mmm…is a teleportation device a option?

How about a really well paying, flexible job – oh and all the knowledge and paperwork that I’ll have at the end of my studies… can I have that now please?

Didn’t think so.

I could just as much wish for a happy wife and kids, to be living in a beach house somewhere in the northern beaches with regular overseas trips and family living close by… but that would be materialistic

…and I know I would miss out on the chase that makes it all worth while.

Still… would be nice to have that teleportation device… it would make me really happy right now, even if I didn’t have long before I had to come back. I would smile at the sight of a different world, seeing it with my own eyes, feeling, hearing and smelling it.

Pretty please..?

Cherry on top?

Meh, my ramblings… one day I’ll look back at all this and be able to remember exactly the frame of mind I was in whenever I wrote each one of these posts.

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