Aussie aussie aussie!

Aussie aussie aussie!

Well, Australia Day was yesterday (lest we all somehow forget – you know, if you didn’t have a dozen BBQ’s and a big night out, you at least would know from the fact we’re not going into work tomorrow and all the cop’s around handing out fines :D)!

I had a couple of BBQ’s to go to and in the end I decided to host my own with a relatively small group of friends I haven’t seen in ages.

Considering there were a decent portion of people driving/not drinking and only a small group of us, I have managed to fill our recycling bin!!

Had a great chat with the two Pete’s at the end of the night (walking through the deserted streets of quiet Terrey Hills :D). I miss chatting with the boys. As per usual for the end of the night, the conversation headed towards our respective female counterparts (past, present, potential and variations of the three). Was good to have one of those downright honest conversations with people who you trust so much and know are not making any judgement of you – supporting you all the way, but still helping you do what is best.

It was great to see people that I haven’t seen for ages!

Catering for people still always takes a toll on the pocket – ouch – especially when saving to go overseas… I should get better at asking people for money if I’m always playing host (or caterer from my own credit card/savings at least) .

I’m going to head to the pool (do some laps in budgie smugglers) and then read my book for a while.

Actually… I am going to need to do some stretching and sit with heat/ice packs for a while because my back has started to hurt again.

Twas a bloody long day in the office on friday. My back was starting to get sore again so when I arrived at 5:45am I decided not to do laps in the pool so I just started work right there and then. Turned out to be a hectic day with heaps of deadlines (graduation is coming up and the website wasn’t working – the developers wouldn’t let me get my hands dirty to try and fix it either!!) before the long weekend. I ended up being kicked out of the office at 5:15pm – after 11.5 hours of work!

I’m not going to become a workaholic, its okay.

Anyways, that pool and book are calling for me – actually I think I’ll do the beach instead. Might need to shower & wash my chlorine/salty hair first before going to Pip’s BBQ.

UPDATE: Pip’s new boyfriend was the only other guy at the BBQ, so I’m glad I went to have  some male representation for him… and they struggled to cook (more to the point clean–ugh yuck!!)  the barbie without me 😀 – Pip did a great job of catering though.

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