Ah life!

Ah life!

Well, day 4 of camp is done and dusted… just settling down for bed.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently and now its good just to have settled my mind.

What can I say, this much exercise wears you out too much to think šŸ˜‰

I’m really settled right now. Looking forward to plugging away with Uni, work, rowing and saving to go to the great land of the maple leaf. Money will be difficult, but that’s always the case. I just don’t want it to be an overly limiting factor whilst I am away – it is one chance in a lifetime and I want to make the best use of it.

Reading has been slow. I’ve been trying to finish off some books I started but only managing a few pages at a time due to a little thing called fatigue.

The Mosman rowers are getting on really well this year (no real cliques or “putting up with people”). We’ve barely had any coaching until this morning (which made a world of difference). It’s good self motivation though and our champion lightweight pair is starting to shape up for the season!

I am getting really excited about my plans for Canada. When it slips out in conversation people are really excited for me and seem to drill for details – which of course, I am certainly yet to iron out!

Aussies seem to love Canada!! Honestly, I know heaps of people that are there, have been recently, plan to or desire to! I guess its because they are pretty similar to us in many ways (couldn’t be bothered to list them right now as the pillow is rather attractive).

I am really hoping my body holds out fine for the rest of camp, having some pretty savage muscle soreness, but the concerning thing is the recurring injuries flaring up and getting in the way.

Had a BBQ with some other rowers tonight (yeah, I ate rabbit food :P) and found myself in a big conversation about lightweight rowing (what I do, where guys have to be <70kg) and all the controversy around it. Its so hard to draw a line. I will not, for a second, even try to say that it is healthy – but what are my other options? I am in no way tall enough to row heavyweight. I seem to do it healthier than most lightweights anyway — I guess its still better than not doing sport, its just pushing your body to even further limits.

That brings me to another point – how impressed I am with the human body!! What a wonderful creation!! Honestly, where do you start (or finish, more to the point) talking about all the wonderful intricate details involved with the human body – honestly, its one of the few things that we got, AND we better bloody well take good care of it. The only other things that deserve as much care in this world are our mind and soul – even they are closely related to your bodily well being!

Still confused about a lot of things, but really confident that things are going to work out well, no matter how hard they may get sometimes.

I relate the physical torment that I put my body through and the way that it grows and matures and refines very closely to the process in which our mind and soul operate – so bring it on!

So things are looking up šŸ™‚ a bit less heavy than my last post(s) aye..?!

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