My Campness

My Campness

That title makes me sound gay… literally πŸ˜€

Anyway, I’m off to training camp tomorrow, first thing in the morning is a 7 hour drive, I don’t need to leave until 7am, but will probably wake up earlier so I don’t get into the habit of sleeping in directly before a bunch of early mornings.

It’s funny how I seem to not blog for ages and then put up a bunch of posts in short succession… as is life I guess!

I’m looking forward to camp, still a bit apprehensive about how much it may take out of me as there is going to be some hectic sessions… oh well πŸ˜€

I’ve decided that food and petrol are way to expensive when you are saving to go overseas… if not expensive enough in the first place!

It’s a good thing that I’m not currently paying rent too!

Though I guess that is massively balanced out by the fact that I am STILL STUDYING FULL TIME! On a lousy pay rate at the moment too. But I am enjoying my job a lot at the moment, its good working in an office environment.

However, I’ve been doing my budget for Canada and I really need to do some contract work on top of my job at [email protected]. So here’s a shameless plug: if you know anyone that needs some web/graphic design get them to contact me at luke [at] and I’ll give them a 50% discount and personally give you a 5% commission for the referral!

Anyway, back to me… cause I’m important right…I got my new uniform at work today and it is a bloody sail…huge!! I look really funny in it… they didn’t even give me one of the polo’s because I work in the office!

Had this guy at the checkout at woolies and I waited second in the line for 15 minutes before leaving and joining a new (longer) one. He obviously didn’t enjoy his job and wanted everyone else to suffer for that. I found that rather annoying.

Anyway, I shall return to packing……I am really not going to feel like cooking every meal after exercising in excess of 6 hours a day for a week!

Note to self: stop agreeing to cook for people, even if it is cheaper

Note to self note: yes Luke that is right – IT IS CHEAPER and you’re saving at the moment — don’t expect to eat while you’re overseas if you don’t sacrifice now!


Actually on that note… why is it that every time I have catered (and not been compensated in the slightest) recently the meat has cost so much less than the salad..? Why!! Why can’t the good stuff be cheaper!!

That’s why I could never become a vegetarian — TO DAMN EXPENSIVE!

Anyway, I should really get back to it…

*luke thinks he really wants to use video skype right now…but alas πŸ™ *

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