Finished projects, off road & thinking future

Finished projects, off road & thinking future

Well… I am proud of myself, I just finished the re-design of and I said “it is good”!

Been off road, 4WD (four-wheel-driving) the weekend before last. Mitch & Pete almost died by means of rolling off the edge. (check out the photos)

Also, (alongside avioding uni work) I have been listening to a lot of marketing/entrepreneur podcasts and reading articles of that manner. It is certainly the kind of job that suits me… I sometimes get too excited.

Have been getting back into training… which is great!!! Finally!!! Actually feeling really pumped for the season (I have a lot of work to do though). This is certainly a dream/goal that I want to see through.

Getting through lots of Uni work at the moment (or trying to, as there is a lot to get through).

Also, really looking forward to the Uni Games up at the Gold Coast… not looking forward to the 16 hour train ride though 🙁

Well, that’s the update (and reasons why I haven’t been blogging).

Ta ta for now!

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