da Sisters

da Sisters

After posting this video on YouTubeI recieved this email yesterday:

Did you submit this video to the Scissor Sisters competition?
I work for the band and think this would be a great entry.
It says the deadline is up, but we are still taking submissions for another week.
If interested, go to http://webbeta.sov.uk.vvhp.net/~universal/Polydor/scissorsisters/200707/dvd/
And follow the instructions.

I’ve recevied random comments and emails on blogs before too (like when I posted an essay it got added to a few sites/journal’s).

How weird is this?

Would you have ever thought of this happening 10 years ago?

This kinda weird extended community…empowered by Google Inc.

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  1. I happen to adore that song, and I thought that was a great version of it. Go Luke! πŸ™‚

    I’m surprised you took that Dept. of Media page down from Wikipedia–did it actually not meet the “notability” standards? Because I could definitely find a lot more pages that’re less pertinent than a university department. Definitely a bit disappointing!

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