Drain & song requests…

Drain & song requests…

Went to the drain (steyne) last night with Pete, Jacqui & Leeroy, was fun, noticed a few things though:

  • you come home smelling of smoke
  • the best way of experiencing a cigar is about 1.5 meters away from it
  • drinks in sydney are way over-priced, even in the local’s
  • ATM machines always run out of $20’s and don’t let you know why they cannot process your transaction
  • ATM machines at pubs also charge you $1 for just finding out your account balance
  • ATM machines provide quite a bit of enjoyment… watching people trying to get money out of them after having “a few”
  • If you sing a karaoke song remotely about love with a friend they ask if you are engaged (regardless of gender)
  • Your friends will always sign you up for karaoke
  • You wont see anyone you know the whole night until you sing karaoke horribly….then people from your old school appear from nowhere
  • The purpose of Karaoke is to provide enjoyment for everyone else laughing at those who can’t sing… if you can sing, don’t because the EQ on the mic will make it sound like you can’t anyway
  • Terrey Hills is a hole, and impossible to get back to unless you go with your other “Terrey Hills” friend and one of you drives
  • No matter how obvious it is people spend the whole night trying to find out ways that the Designated Driver can drink, or at least rub it in that they can’t

Thats my ramblings… Also, thanks for the song requests, they’re great…keep them coming 🙂 Trying to find my mic to get a better recording! (Link for requests: http://luke.zeekdesign.com/?p=63)

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